Grab Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier for just $255.56

The weather on the last days of the year is often windy, making the air become drier than usual. This seems to be harmless, but it affects health and activities quite a lot. With the development of science and technology today. This can be solved quickly with humidifiers, and Xiaomi is not out of the game with the device Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier. A product is in the device for the family.

Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier is a new smart product of Xiaomi Chinese manufacturer. With the design and unique features, This will be a contender that many other competitors should be wary of.

Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier

Product information:

Main material: ABS plastic.
Function: Spray mist to create moisture, kill bacteria.
Bactericidal mechanism: through UV rays, kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.
Container capacity: 3.5L.
Smart connection with the Mi home application.
Voltage: 34V, safe for users, limiting incidents.
Use essential oils

Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier is designed in cylindrical shape, looks quite similar to the shape of a subwoofer, the product was also produced by Xiaomi before. The whole shell is made entirely of ABS plastic material. The product is divided into 3 main parts. Including the upper lid, the middle water body and the final component, which is also the most important component on the device. It is the base where the central controller and other components are placed.

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Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier

The upper lid of the Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier will take on the primary function of providing the groove to drain the moisture to create moisture upwards. Create a cover to prevent internal water from falling out during use.
The middle body is the water reservoir, with a capacity of 3.5L. Users can easily observe and monitor the water level inside the tank through a transparent slot along the body.

The bottom part of Mi humidifier is considered the most essential component of the device. Place to store parts for wind, UV sterilization area (ultraviolet rays) before spraying outside. Along with other component, components help control device operation. On the body is a series of 4 LEDs to inform the condition of the water in the bottle. Power key to turn the device on and off and adjust the level of moistening according to 3 different levels. The back of the device is the location of the connection notification light and the location of the reset key connected.

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Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier

Smart features:
Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier is a smart device that makes smart humidifier, so it is equipped with many automatic features, and remote connection capability is quite useful. With smart sensors, the device will automatically check the condition of the water in the bottle and automatically turn off the device when it finds that the water level inside is not guaranteed, which helps limit the impact and damage to other gods. It is still capable of connecting and remote control by mobile devices via the Mi home application.

Operation mechanism:
Water will be poured directly into the container and accumulated here. The amount of water will be gradually adjusted down to the bactericidal area. Here the water will be disinfected with UV rays before being sprayed outside to limit bacteria to 99.99% as reported by the manufacturer, and the agents can affect the user’s health. The water will be pushed back up and sprayed out in the form of fog through the slots around the lid. Help compensate for the air humidity in your room or house. Adjusting the level of operation, the humidity will be conducted directly on the machine. However, with the ability to connect freely you can still remotely control via the Mi home application.

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Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier

Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier will be a product that attracts a lot of interest of users. A device to help regain air humidity, create a healthy living space, limit the development of harmful bacteria. Protect the health of users silently — modern design, suitable for modern housing spaces today.

Where to buy Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier?

The Xiaomi SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM Humidifier is available on gearbest for just $255.56.


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