Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet offered for $42.99

The development of humankind does not stand still, and we come up with more and more new chips in order to improve and simplify our existence. This is especially important when it comes to security. Of course, the Chinese are one of the key players in this fight. Let them often not inventing, but copying and modifying. So here, it seems we have already seen it somewhere, but still, there is something new. Safety is the first priority, and no one can deny the statement. Keeping safety in mind our beloved company Xiaomi is back with the Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet which can be a lifesaver for many.

Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet

The Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet is available with the size L (there is also size M), and it can easily fit in from 57-61 cm. The Xiaomi smart helmet is not designed for a child, but the medium static head is comfortable here. The packaging of the helmet includes a magnetic cable for charging the built-in battery and the instruction manual in Chinese.

The first thing Xiaomi has improved a lot in Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet includes its latest and innovative ventilation system. If you have a problem with all the sweat from inside the helmet, then Xiaomi smart helmet can really help you. The standard helmets come with vertical holes, however, the xiaomi helmet comes with a big hole in front, just above the visor. The air flow moves like this which makes the breeze falls under the helmet.

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Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet

From insides the Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet cut looks like this:

Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet

The insides of Xiaomi smart helmet comes with standard soft velcro inserts and foamed polystyrene, which provides a comfortable feeling even on long rides. Inserts are easily removed, in case of replacement or washing. This system is standard and practical.

Now let’s move on to the most exciting aspect of the device- what is the smartness of Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet. Ofcourse the Xiaomi helmet does not come with WiFi, nor you can use them to pay off in the supermarket via NFC. Behind the helmet, it has a built-in battery, a charging connector, a number of on/off buttons and a red plastic with seven LEDs inside. The smart thing about the device includes its inside light sensor. If there is light outside then only one LED gets on. At night, all 7 LEDs turn on and start flashing. This “beacon” is recharged through a special magnetic connector.

Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet

The Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet battery capacity is 455 mAh, which will work in standby mode for 180 hours, and inactivity mode – 36 hours. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge Xiaomi helmet completely.

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Security, safety, and safety again.

The Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet is made of closed case type of durable polycarbonate and soft polystyrene inserts, which if necessary, will do their job perfectly. Sophisticated ventilation system really works and in the warm time of the day it is very important. Well, cleverness: you shouldn’t rely only on it, but the extra “singling out” of yourself on the road never hurts. This is also important. Plus, the backlight “when you need it” works, and you don’t need to take off the helmet once again to turn on the backlight.

Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet

Where to buy Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet?

The Xiaomi Smart4u Smart Bicycle Helmet is available on gearbest for just


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