[CPUPON] Grab Xiaomi Smart Ukulele Populele 2 for just $128.99

It is not difficult to play like a guitar, and Ukulele is always the first choice of newcomers who are familiar with musical instruments. One of the latest versions that we want to introduce to the user is the Smart Ukulele Populele 2, which is easy to use and extremely flexible.

Ukulele Populele 2

Detailed specifications:
Size: 610 x 250 x 70.8mm
Weight: 0.8kg
Material: carbon fiber composite + ABS + HPL synthetic fiber
Bluetooth: 4.0BLE
Compatible: Android 4.3, iOS 8.0 and above

If compared to the populele version on the market today, the smart Ukulele Populele 2 is still quite compact but possesses a design that is much younger and more dynamic. Specifically, the 610 x 250 x 70.8mm size fits perfectly with the adult’s size, 2 individual black, and white colors, the details are still meticulously finished and advanced.

Ukulele Populele 2

The body instead of being processed from wood material like the previous versions, this 2- time Ukulele Populele is carbon fiber composite material with high-grade ABS plastic through meticulous processing steps and high-end finishes. This material is both durable and significantly reduces the weight of the herd. The surface is covered with glossy paint for a more premium and aesthetic feel.

Ukulele Populele 2

Meanwhile, four strings are processed from nylon material for durability, good elasticity, and smoothness in each operation. Other small parts are processed, which contributes to a better and more resonant sound port.

Ukulele Populele 2

In particular, the Smart Ukulele Populele 2 is still equipped with a traditional physical sound structure, but it has been restored to a better quality with the panel’s resonant frequency increased by 30%. Since then the sound on the instrument is more explosive, more resonant, more stable and balanced.

Ukulele Populele 2

Like other smart versions of Populele, Ukulele Populele 2 is also equipped with the ability to guide users who just started playing. Specifically, the forums are hidden LED bulbs, when users connect the keyboard to the App on the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the LED system will automatically change the position depending on the song. From there, users can easily manipulate the first step with more detailed, intuitive instructions.

In addition, on the App installed, the system also provides users with a free 7-day online playing course with experts. The course always adheres to the ability of the players, from which the lectures are intuitive and easier to understand. When not connected to the App, the Guitar Ukulele Populele 2 is still a good choice for professional players.

Ukulele Populele 2

The smart Ukulele Populele 2 uses an energy source that is an alkaline battery. Since it helps users easily replace more when the battery is out and more flexible when carrying them along the side of use, no need to look for sources of charging as the previous version.

Where to buy Xiaomi Smart Ukulele Populele 2?

The Xiaomi Smart Ukulele Populele 2 is available on Gearbest for just $109.99.


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