Xiaomi Smart TVs achieve enormous progress outside of China, and will keep its prices low

Today, Xiaomi Smart TV held a strategic conference held at the banquet hall on the 3rd floor of the Sheraton Beijing Golden Mile Hotel. Wang Chuan, who is the director of Xiaomi TV, revealed that Xiaomi TV currently occupies 10% of the market after entering India, and the percentage of e-commerce channels it has in Flipkart reaches 56.6%.

Xiaomi Smart TV also strives to be the first smart TV brand in China by 2018, after topping the list for the second quarter of this year. It was revealed that the company is currently concentrating on offline channels to deepen its cooperation with the market and establish more specialized stores in this type of smart products.

Xiaomi Smart TV achieves enormous progress outside of China, and will keep its prices low

Xiaomi Smart TV won’t raise the prices

Wang Chuan promised that despite the high demand for Xiaomi’s smart TV inside and outside China, the company will continue with its old pricing system; In other words, it will not increase the prices. On the other hand, he also noted that Xiaomi TV has achieved such results due to its own ecological chain environment and its knowledge of the needs of users based on the use of the Internet.

The high quality, innovation and acceptable prices have made Xiaomi TV quite popular.

Statements given by Wang Chuan in this Xiaomi conference

At this conference, it was revealed that Smart TV is only assembled by the first-line brand smelter, and the company has a quality control committee to ensure consistency. The repair rate is only 0.64%, which is twice as low as that of traditional televisions. In addition, according to Omnichannel Omni-Cloud data, Xiaomi Smart TV achieved a growth of 312% in the first half of this year, and in 2014 it reached 443%.

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