Xiaomi smart picnic tent with Double-layer & Quick-opening offered for $103.43

In today’s busy life, people are not only busy with worries but also have moments of peaceful relaxation. But what form of relaxation do you choose for yourself? Listening to music, watching movies is better than going out with your family. If you choose the form of a picnic, surely the Xiaomi Smart Picnic Tent will definitely be the accessory you are looking for.

Product specifications Xiaomi smart picnic tent

  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Waterproofing material: PU leather
  • Material: 68D Polyester fiber 185T / Oxford cloth 150D
  • The kit includes: bag x 1; tent x 1; pile of soil pins x 8; rope x 4
  • Color: green
Xiaomi smart picnic tent

Xiaomi ‘s smart picnic tent is a “throw” tent that uses wind speed to open tents instead of the traditional way of setting up tents. Therefore, tents are very suitable for your family’s weekend picnics. Even those who have never experienced the construction of tents can easily manipulate them, so they are not exhausting or frustrating.

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Xiaomi smart picnic tent

To be able to invent this smart tent, the R&D division of the famous Decathlon group had to work extremely hard. In it, the design of the tent is taken by the chief of the design department. With over 20 years of experience working in the field of creating quality KAILAS tents, it is not difficult to understand that this tent has such a dynamic and convenient design.

All tents, when produced by Xioami, undergo a process of more than 100 steps. From the stage of selecting materials to the stage of production control, it is strictly regulated. The seams on the tent are all under pressure, so do not create water holes. Therefore, tent safety standards are no longer a matter of further debate.

As mentioned above, the operation to open this Xiaomi Smart Picnic Tent is extremely simple and only takes 3 seconds to perform. Simply “throwing” the tent into space, the wind’s movement will spread into the 3-dimensional space in the tent and activate the tent to open automatically. Because of that, a girl with a weak limb could easily open the tent in an instant and arbitrarily move the tent position wherever she wanted because the tent weighs only 2.8kg.

Xiaomi smart picnic tent

Measuring 258cm long, 157cm wide and 110cm tall, the tent will provide a spacious space for a family of 3. At the same time, the structure of 2 convenient carrying bags arranged inside the tent also allows you to comfortably store things and arrange things neatly. If your home has a small child, the tent is really like a tiny castle for your baby to play with after hours of intense schooling.

Xiaomi smart picnic tent

Xiaomi’s smart picnic tent is also equipped withB3 grid system in all vents. Even if the entrance door is also designed with the 2-way double door lock and fiber mesh, the smallest mosquito cannot get into the tent. At the same time, the gray fabric material on the tent door also ensures that outsiders cannot see the activity inside your family’s tent. This ensures absolute safety and privacy when the family goes on a picnic.

Xiaomi smart picnic tent

When using a tent during hot weather days, you do not have to worry about the tent becoming frustrated. Because the tent is well equipped with a ventilated ventilation door, which increases the convection for the space inside the tent. The 3-way ventilation system on the tent will allow air flow to move up and down and back and forth continuously. From there disperse heat in the air, dissipate heat quickly and return a cool atmosphere to your family.

Xiaomi smart picnic tent

In case of using the Xiaomi Smart Picnic Tent during rainy days, you don’t have to worry about the tent being wet. Because the tent has been covered with an extremely effective waterproof PU plastic material. While the main fabric is used as a fabric made from 68D 185T Polyester fiber, the fabric at the bottom of the tent is Oxford 150D high-quality waterproof cloth. Therefore, the material can withstand rainfall up to 2000mm. Even the fabric at the bottom of the tent is able to withstand 3000mm of rain. Apparently, the use of this fabric would be much better than using a rubbe.

Where to buy Xiaomi smart picnic tent?

The Xiaomi smart picnic tent is available on gearbest for just 103.43.


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