Xiaomi Released Smart Electric Bed to Facilitate Sleep, Play and Read on the Same Surface

Can you imagine your sleeping bed to be electrified ever? Surely, you will say No. One of the manufacturers in the Xiaomi eco-chain system has turned it possible. Now, we will have smart electric beds at our homes soon. You may remember the Xiaomi ecological smart electric bed, which was exposed previously.

Now, the company has emerged in the market with the launch of this unique product under its crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding will officially be launched on December 3 to start from Yuan 1999.

Features of Xiaomi Smart electric bed:

The smart electric bed is assembled by the China-based Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology Co. Ltd. The smart bed gets its full name as ‘8HMilan Smart Electric Bed’. Further, the company has released the bed in 10 different models. If you buy the electric bed frame alongside the mattress separately, you can upgrade the bed to a smart electric bed.

What makes the electric bed smart? Well, while lying on the bed, you just need to press the buttons or voice control, the smart electric bed will move slowly to adjust in your favourite or comfortable angle. Hence, you will enjoy a comfortable, jolly full and high-quality sleep at night. Now, the relaxation, sleep, read, TV, games all is possible on the same bed.

Furthermore, the smart electric bed installs high-end dual motors to control the back legs and lift independently. You will get 0-60-degree angle adjustment on the back and 0-30-degree on the leg side.

In addition to these features, the bed also combines 5 default modes: flat mode, anti-snoring mode, one-key lift, reading mode, TV mode, and zero gravity mode. Being more convenient, users can control the bed via a remote controller, Xiao voice assistant and MIJIA app. You can create your favourite angle on your mobile screen to convert it into reality.

In terms of build composition, the smart electric bed is built of alloy steel frame and high-standard glass fiber. The glass fiber offers excellent fatigue resistant and tensile properties. Therefore, the single bed can support up to 75kg of weight, whereas the whole bed can sport up to 1000kg.

On the surface, the Xiaomi smart electric bed provides 8th-generation Litchi technology. It is the modern type of environment-friendly fabric technique, comparable to leather texture. Also, you will not encounter any leather friction sound on the new matte coating.

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