Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor Available For $8.99

The time has come to protect our homes not only with quality and style. The star manufacturer of today is an ideal candidate to cover all our needs to the letter. This champion comes from the hand of Xiaomi and we are talking about the Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor – a device that we can complement with the Xiaomi security kit.  This beauty is a sensor that can be used both for doors and windows. Its promptly alerts you when there is an intruder close to your door or window.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor Introduction

Xiaomi Smart Door and Window Sensor: Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor consist of 2 devices that takes the shape of aspirin, both are white and the only thing we can see at first glance is the Xiaomi logo and a small LED light that indicates that it is working. Taking a closer look reveals that there is a tiny on/off button up front and on the bottom we have a slot through which we will access the reset button.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor design

These are made of plastic and to tell you the truth, they are not very resistant thus we must avoid any blow or fall that could cause harm to the device. These 2 devices have different dimensions, the first is 40mm in length, 20mm in width and 10mm in thickness, while the second is 26mm long, 8mm wide and 10mm thick. With the aid of a small sticker at the rear of this device, we can stick it to any surface without having to make any previous modification.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor design

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor: Operation

The Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor offer us two general functions, the first is oriented for comfort, these devices can be synchronized with other Xiaomi products, therefore it will send a signal to them when they are activated. We can link our door and window sensor with the light bulb in our room so that when the door is opened, it will automatically send a signal to the light bulb and it will be turned on. The other operation available is security. The moment a door or window opens, it will send a notification to our smartphone and in this way, we will know what is happening in our home.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Operating Sensor

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor: Synchronization

The Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor can be synchronized with our smartphone through the Mi Home application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple Store. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. When synchronized we will access a greater range of functions such as those mentioned above.

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor is currently available on Gearbest for $8.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be sent to you for FREE.



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