Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp – Are 4 Color Temperature Modes enough for $55?

The most celebrated Chinese company isn’t limited to smartphones and smartphone accessories only, but also with some other smart technologies like Mi TV, Mi Band, Mi Cube and so on. The fact is that Xiaomi wants the world to feel their presence in every consumer product category, from a $400 smartphone to a $10 fitness band. To ensure this, Xiaomi now enters the smart LEDs category by the introduction of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp. No doubt, Xiaomi Yeelight was already there in that category but this desk lamp is far more interesting and better than a smart LED bulb. Let’s know why?

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp in Dark

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp – No Flicker, Four Colors Temperature Modes, and Manual Adjustment

Design and Appearance – A whole new era for Desk Lamps

Speaking of the design of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp, it’s a revolution in the traditional structure of a desk lamp. With the drastic change from conventional to smartness, we say farewell to that bulky desk lamp with a nondurable and rusty design. This era is all about intelligence and lightness. In the case of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp, the design satisfies both the user and the new era.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp design LED

While looking at Xiaomi Desk Lamp, all we see is a slim rod-like (rectangular) structure attached to a cylindrical stand with a red strap originating from the stand and ending at the LED. So here, the strap could our basic concern. It is exposed outside rather than keeping it inside the frame, so a chance of any damage (cuts etc) to the strap can occur. But, trust us it is nearly immune to any damage. At the base, we observe is a knob which is use to change the brightness of the lamp. Even the spindle design is tested 10,000 times and no problem occurred.

Xaiomi Smart Desk Lamp design

The dimensions of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp are 15.00 x 44.50 x 44.50 cm shown in the illustrated picture and the whole body has a plastic coating to make it shock resistance, unlike the old metal lamps. As far as heat dissipation is concerned, LED is the most energy efficient lighting technology with the least heat dissipation and guaranteeing us a prolong life.

Xaiomi Smart Desk Lamp Dimensions

In short, Xiaomi Smart Lamp has a clean and sleek appearance with precise spindle and efficient heat dissipation.

Features of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp – Smartness that always Pleases

Along with the elegant and strong design, Xiaomi Desk Lamp also offers some incredible features. Mentioning the first one, which is the anti-flickering of LED. In the past, we see that almost every lamp used to flicker creating disturbance and at the end it would fuse or break. But, friends this is LED, where this Lamp has Flicker-Free lighting which is always under illumination.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp Warm Color

The second feature and the selling point of the terminal are the 4 modes: Focus mode, read mode, PC mode and kid mode which can be selected via the app. Basically, in these modes the color temperature of Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp changes Cool White, Warm White, and White respectively. A Picture Slide is given below to further enlighten us about the modes.

Even we can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp through the knob present on the base of the lamp or the app with a precision of 1K or 1pct, so there’s never too dark or too light for us to do anything. Here are some instructions in the picture below of how to use the knob.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp Knob


Speaking of the app, we can control this lamp through Mi Smart Home App via WiFi. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Like previously said, the app allows us to control color temperature, brightness, and modes of the lamp.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp App

Specification Sheet Along with Parameters

Attention: The internal data of table “105” is corrupted!

Where to Buy Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp?

If any of our readers is interested in buying Xiaomi Smart Lamp, he/she can get it from Gearbest for a price of $55.49. It is available to pre-order and will be shipped after June 30. We know that the price is high as the original price was nearly $25, but that was for China. Due to rising fame of Xiaomi and limited products, the price is increasing. We’ll like to end this topic by giving you the link to the Chinese store.




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