Xiaomi Smart Body Scale With App Control For $59.99

Those who think that Xiaomi is limited to smartphones only are wrong. Xiaomi has a wide range of electronic products which starts from a Mi Pen and ends with a Rice Maker. Today, we bring you Xiaomi Smart Body Scale which not only measures your weight effectively but lets you find out other body characteristics such as BMI and so on. It is currently on sale for $59.99. But that’s not all folks, let’s dive into some details to know it better:

Xiaomi Smart Body Scale – It’s More Than a Simple Body Scale!

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi smart body scale adopts advanced BIA technology and stainless steel electrode, which can measure your body weight accurately and quickly. This device with foot mat looks is ultra-thin, compact and designed with round corners for safety thus; it can be stored anywhere in the home. Though ultraslim, its inbuilt integrated steel enhances its bearing strength and ensures flatness. This 304L, 14.75mm thick stainless steel electrode device measures your body weight accurately and features an incredible antioxidant capacity.

The Xiaomi smart body scale adopts high-quality ABS material which is durable, hard, resistant to erosion but not crisp and the scale surface is covered with skidproof strips which improve friction and eliminate slip.

In short, this Smart body scale comes with a simple and compact style, allowing it to blend in seamlessly and can be used conveniently anytime to acquire your physical readings.

Functions & Features

Including your body weight, this device can measure ten characteristics of your body as well/ These include your body weight, bone mass, body water, muscle mass, basic metabolism, fat rate, visceral fat level, etc. with accurate results because of the advanced BIA technology.

Xiaomi smart weight scale ensures integrated design and compact appearance with its traditional LED screen which is embedded under the ABS material. All data will be displayed clearly on a straightforward and intuitive interface which cannot be seen when you are not using the device. Plus, you can see the readings at dark as well.

Moreover, the Bluetooth function allows you to upload data in real-time, enabling you to track changes to your body indexes continuously

App Control & Compatibility

It is powered by four dry cell AAA batteries and supports Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect to Mi-Fit App from your smartphone. The App is compatible with both Android 4.4 as well as iOS 8.0 and the higher versions.

Xiaomi smart body scale

After connecting, the app allows synchronizing all the data from the weight scale to the smartphone. You can make your record up to years. The App is easy to use and is highly stable. The Xiaomi smart body scale has a weighing scale range of 5 – 150 kg and can also provide results in Jin and lbs.

Specification Sheet

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Where to Buy Xiaomi Smart Body Scale?

With the amazing specifications and features of the Xiaomi smart body scale, this device is obviously for every home so you can keep a tab on your health progress. This device is currently on offer from Gearbest for $59.99



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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