Xiaomi Smart Air Detector now available for $169.99

Xiaomi Intelligent Air Detector

Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer, has established itself over the years to be a company with cheap and reliable products. Indeed, Xiaomi’s products are quite affordable but also very useful than competing products and their authenticity is beyond doubt. The beautiful Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is currently on sale at Gearbest for only $169.99. So people have to pay more attention to the air quality inside their homes, offices or even schools. Let us take a look at some wonderful features of this device.

Display and design: 

If you have seen the previous model, then you will know that there is a huge upgrade in the design and appearance. The Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has two-color design aluminium-magnesium body. This gadget comes with a 720 x 720 retina grade ultra clear 3.1 inch IPS touch screen with a 15 degree elevation angle.This IPS touchscreen has a large viewing angle, high contrast, and automatic brightness adjustment. Though it has a hinge, this means you can adjust it. The Xiaomi Air Detector has a dimension of 8.50 x 6.84 x 8.63 cm and can be placed either in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or any other part of the home.

Hardware & Performance

The Xiaomi Intelligent Air Detector supports comprehensive monitoring of indoor air, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, TVOC, and carbon dioxide value. When indoors, many factor affects peoples sense of comfort and heath, thus the Xiaomi intelligent air detector is a much needed gadget. In additional to temperature,humidity, PM2.5 detection, there is also a TVOC and carbon dioxide assessment and detector. This means that this air detector gives more than the previous generation. Outdoor air can also be seen at a glance. It further supports the Mijia APP so you can get all data directly on your smartphone. The Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has an in-built 2000mAh Li-ion battery power and a USB port for charging.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Intelligent Air Detector 

The Xiaomi Intelligent Air Detector is currently available on gearbest for $169.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, minimal shipping fee may apply.




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