Xiaomi shares continue to rise after a fairly slow start

Xiaomi has a series of investments in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) which, after a rather slow start, have begun to rise considerably. According to the information released, the Xiaomi group shares have continued to rise resulting in the following numbers: today closed at HK $13.72, which represents a total increase of 3.16%, with a total turnover of HK $790 million, while the total capitalization of the market was HK $309,765 million.

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This means that statistically, Xiaomi shares have increased by almost 18% in the last 7 days. One of the events that improved Xiaomi’s actions was the fifth world internet conference, where the Chinese company received an appointment as the number one company in IA + IoT technology.

Xiaomi Lei Jun

Information about Xiaomi worldwide

Statements by Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, during the fifth world internet conference were “In this age of AI, the products that have the greatest impact on IoT devices are Smart speakers. Smart voice assistants will also bring a great technological revolution to the IoT devices”. Something else that he revealed is that the company’s popular voice service,” XiaoAI “, reached 30 million monthly users around the world, just one year after its launch, while currently, they get more than 1 billion active users per month.

Xiaomi N°1

The actions of Xiaomi have been increased by this event, in addition to this; the positioning of Xiaomi in a worldwide scale is increasing, with a very good participation in China and a great control in India. Other countries where they also have huge profits are Indonesia and Singapore. According to official reports, during the second quarter of 2018, the international business of the Chinese company grew 150% and managed to enter an approximate of 82 foreign businesses. Due to this huge increase, Lei Jun declared “We can say that we are still a young multinational company”.


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