Xiaomi shares in the stock market: The brand shares plummets

Despite the predictions in favor of Xiaomi, which promised that the value of shares would rise without presenting major inconveniences in its way, now it took us by surprise the fall in the value of the Xiaomi shares in the stock market, which certainly has surprised more than one shareholder.

Xiaomi shares in the stock market have fallen in more than 20%

 Xiaomi shares in the stock market

The Xiaomi group shares have fallen to the lowest level reported to date, closing the price on Monday at HK $ 13.58 (USD $1.73), a big difference compared to its initial price of HK $17 (USD $2,17), which means that its value has fallen more than 20%, at the end of the day fell another 4.90%.

According to the information collected, the Chinese company plans to emit 279.585 million class B shares, of which 207.065 million are for the international market, representing almost 95% of the shares, while the rest are for sale in Hong Kong. The planned offer price is HK $17 (USD $2.17), it is expected a fundraising of HK $37.05 billion. If this goal is reached, Xiaomi will be able to increase the amount raised by HK $42.61 billion. We hope to have good news from Xiaomi on the stock exchange before the end of the year.

The Asian brand is convinced that it still has a long way to go, so they do not fall behind their vision of becoming the technological leader worldwide. The circumstances that affected the Asian brand in its arrival to the stock market are the international marketing conditions and the current macroeconomic situation.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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