Xiaomi Has to Sell 70mln Smartphones in 2017

Xiaomi sold 7.2 million smartphone in 2012, 18.7 million in 2013, and 61 million in 2014. It has plans to reach 150 million shipped units in 2015. And though this plan failed, the manufacturer grabbed the first position with 70 million sold units. 2016 wasn’t successful for the company, as it felt to 4th position after Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. Though some sources claim Xiaomi sold 58 million units in 2016, the company officially refused to provide any data on sales numbers explaining as it is in transition after growing “too fast”. So it’s quite interesting how Lei Jun and its team is going to solve this problem. Moreover, everyone is interested how one of the fast growing startups can fail last year.

Kevin Wang and Xiaomi

Today Lei Jun announced that smartphones are in the axis of Xiaomi’s activity. They have to focus on phones to succeed. As for this year, the company three important directions to work hard in: innovation, quality, and delivery.

First, Xiaomi has to innovate continuously. This has been the company’s trump card and it should be so in the future as well. Second, Xiaomi should provide higher quality smartphones than its competitors. Only such a strategy can help the manufacturer to outrun its rivals. Third, Xiaomi has to solve the problem related with regular shortage. We know many call this ‘monkey policy’, and Xiaomi has to refuse it.

So how many units Xiaomi has to sell in 2017 to get back to the game? An industry insider, Kevin Wang thinks the Chinese manufacturer has to sell 70 million units this year. Once they reach this number, the company will grow as planned.

If looking at the numbers reached in 2015 we can claim the main ‘guilty’ of the deal was the Xiaomi Mi 5. This is the best smartphone if taking into account quality and price ratio. Xiaomi didn’t launch a new Mi line phone last year. Probably this affected the results. As for now, all we are eagerly waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 6. So if it is what we have heard about, nothing can prevent the company to reach 70 million.



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