Xiaomi calls on a large number of scams to retailers in India

Xiaomi is one of the companies that have best adapted to the international market, although it is true that in China is a great company, it does not compare to what it is in other parts of the world such as India, being the number one company in the whole country regarding technology. Throughout 2018, India was a super important market and represented a significant gain for this company, so they attach great importance to what happens in this territory.

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Xiaomi and the fake shops of India

Due to the enormous importance that the Indian market has for Xiaomi, many executives are aware of the situations presented in that country with respect to retailers. Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi’s Global Vice President, made a publication through Twitter informing all the users of this country that there are many fake Mi offline stores. His words were “FRAUD ALERT! I have come across a scam where few retailers have been cheated into buying fake franchises of @XiaomiIndia Mi Stores! Shocking to see forged documents, with my fake signatures. We have filed a case with cybercrime department & police is investigating this matter”.

This is something quite alarming for the company because they opened more than 500 official Mi Stores only in 2018 in this territory, so the scammers have a lot of territories to do their dirty business, and this becomes more problematic because Xiaomi has plans to open up to 5000 stores in India soon, so this type of practices could continue to grow with the arrival of new Mi Stores.


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