Xiaomi and Samsung seize the Indian market in this second quarter of 2018

Xiaomi’s sales have increased significantly in the last year, and in the first two quarters of the year have seen very positive results in the Indian market, looking for new targets by launching new products from the Redmi line, in addition to orienting itself to Indian market due to the good receptivity that this public has before the phones of low-medium range.

The latest report from the leading company in global technology market analysis, Canalys, reports that in the last two quarters, Xiaomi and Samsung have been awarded 60% of the participation quota in the Indian market.

indian market canalys

According to a spokesman for the analytics company, Samsung will surpass Xiaomi in the future due to the company’s strengths in terms of technologies and advantages in supply chains.

Both companies sent approximately 9.9 million units through digital distributors, 30.4% of the market share, while Samsung sent an approximate to the same amount, with 30.2% of its share of the market, having Xiaomi as the leader by a small difference.

The Xiaomi Redmi 5A takes the lead in the Indian market as the best selling device in the first 2 quarters of the year

The Xiaomi Redmi 5A represented 3.3 million units in shipments to the Indian market, while Samsung has as leader the Galaxy J2 Pro, which sold approximately 2.3 million devices.

According to the latest data, Xiaomi has been the leading brand from the chronological point of view, specifically since the last three quarters.

Although there are other brands with considerable development in India, such as VIVO and the Chinese company OPPO, which have a participation in the Indian market of 11% and 10% respectively, both with a considerable development that allows them to conform the Top 4 of leading brands in India.

Source: gizchina

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