Xiaomi sales reach 31.9 million devices sold in the second quarter of 2018

According to the data revealed in the preliminary report of the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone companies shipped a total of 342.0 million units during the second quarter of 2018, which resulted in a decline in Xiaomi sales of 1.8% compared to the 348.2 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2017, these numbers are still very impressive statistics, but there has been a diminishing throughout this year with respect to the previous year.

This fall represents the third consecutive quarter of year-on-year decline for the company in the global Smartphones market and is the fourth quarter of its historical decline, with very alarming numbers for the Asian brand.

According to the IDC, this may come as a result of the fall of some markets that have been altered, however, there are still many markets that are in full swing, which should help to return the flow of shipments from the terminals to the expected level.

Xiaomi sales aim to reach the next level

ventas de Xiaomi - Xiaomi sales

According to IDC’s Vice President of Worldwide Device Device Trackers programs, Ryan Reith, “The constant growth that Huawei has had is impressive, to say the least, as well as its ability to enter markets where, until recently, the brand was practically unknown“. In addition, he said that it was worth noting that Apple was placed in the first position in each of the last two-quarters of vacation, so it will be no surprise that we see it better positioned in 2018.

Competition is tight between Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, and it is unlikely to change in the short term. Brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO or VIVO are slowly making their way to the next level where the top three are located.

Anthony Scarsella, IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker research manager, assured that users are still willing to pay for ‘premium offers’ in numerous markets, today they expect their devices to last longer and consistently surpass previous generations of those devices, whose price was much inferior a few years ago.

To face the decline, suppliers should focus on new innovative products, which have characteristics and factors, that when combined with incentives and promotions, can boost market growth again.

Xiaomi has occupied the number one position of sales in India

ventas de Xiaomi - Xiaomi sales

Xiaomi sales have surpassed those of Samsung, thus occupying the first place in sales of India in recent quarters, undoubtedly an achievement for the Chinese company, and now has closed the gap with Samsung in Indonesia, as it has achieved to increase their local production to cover the growing demand during the Ramadhan period, at the same time expanding their online channel presence and opening more Mi Home stores in the country.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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