Buy The Xiaomi S2101 Minimalist Instant Heating Water Dispenser For $111.13

Quench your thirst the easy way. The versatile minimalist instant heating water dispenser from Xiaomi provides water at the temperature you want, quickly and easily. For those who love daily drinks at just the right temperature, this compact and affordable dispenser is available at a refreshing price.

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Minimalist instant heating water dispenser: design

The design language is typical of Xiaomi: sleek, lightweight and with clean lines. This allows the versatile and modern-looking water dispenser to match most kitchens – especially with a small footprint. Using the 1.8L capacity dispenser is effortless thanks to one button operation to deliver water at your desired temperature in just 3 seconds. An intelligent double heating structure design makes this possible: an outer layer made from food-grade quartz and the inner layer heating body with a 304 stainless steel electric heating tube ensures you get your water at the perfect temperature every time.

Everything from cold drinks to boiling water at 100°C is available. A rotary dial allows you to choose how hot or cold you want your water to be. Spin it once, then press the large dispenser button, that’s all there is to it. This ease of use and versatility makes this stylish water dispenser perfect for every season. And with a high outlet design, it accepts cups and flasks up to 200mm (7.8 inches) in height.

the rotary dial of minimalist instant heating water dispenser

the high outlet design of minimalist instant heating water dispenser

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Minimalist instant heating water dispenser: features & highlights

The Xiaomi instant heating water dispenser is designed to guarantee superb results every time. For total peace of mind, multiple security protection is available thanks to anti-dry protection feature. This actively prevents safety hazards from dry burning. Other security features include double NTC, double thermostat regulation, and overheat protection. Attention to detail extends to a handy water shortage and descaling reminders to keep your dispenser in tip-top condition.

the multiple security protection of minimalist instant heating water dispenser

Here are some of the highlights of the minimalist instant heating water dispenser:

  • 6-stage water temperature settings for cold to hot drinks
  • Spacious 1.8L (60oz) tank capacity to meet all your daily needs
  • Compact, lightweight with a small footprint for easy placement
  • Clean and minimalist design makes it a perfect match for any kitchen
  • Multiple safety features makes it ideal for families
  • Water shortage and descaling reminders for effortless maintenance

Why you should buy it

Stylish and versatile, Xiaomi takes the standard water dispenser and updates it with a fresh new look and powerful new features. Modern and convenient, it’s packed with smart ideas making it ideal either as a personal treat or a welcome gift. Available now for just $94.55 at GearBest using the coupon code: ALL5%OFF, just add water for delicious drinks.



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