Lei Jun reveals the Xiaomi´s new strategy: AI + IoT

It is already known that Xiaomi is a company leader in innovation. The company’s CEO is a great visionary.  Recently, Lei Jun said that the world’s largest technology company will have a dual-core strategy: AI + IoT. The Xiaomi’s new strategy will be applied in the next 5 years.  Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

AI + IoT: Xiaomi´s new strategy

The slogan used in the company’s annual party on Friday on January 10 was “All in IoT”. In the next five years, Xiaomi will focus on the developed of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is the network of everyday objects that contain electronics and software that allow them to connect, interact and exchange data with each other. Also, Lei Jun announced the Xiaomi’s new strategy: it will invest RMB 10 billion in AIoT.

AI + IoT Xiaomi´s new strategy

Xiaomi: A successful company

Since 2013 to the date,  Xiaomi has become the world’s largest consumer IoT platform. Excluding Smartphones and laptops, Lei Jun’s company has connected more than 132 million smart devices. In addition, as of September 30, 2018, Xiaomi had connected at least 20 million daily use devices.

In terms of Smartphones,  an example of Xiaomi’s success in the smartphone market is the popularity of the Redmi series. However, in the conference, the Asian corporation also announced that Redmi will operate as an independent brand.

Before the proliferation of 5G technology, Xiaomi’s success in the smartphone business segment lies in striving to consolidate its leading position in the smartphone markets across the world.”

-Lei Jun

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AI + IoT: Xiaomi´s new strategy

In the third quarter of 2018, 43.9% of Xiaomi’s total revenue came from international sales. This gives us an idea of how fast the expansion of the Asian giant has been throughout the world. So the company has learned from all this and has formulated the Xiaomi’s new strategy.

What is expected?

Recently Xiaomi has joined forces with the famous multinational electronics company, TCL Corp. In this way, the Xiaomi’s home appliance business will be strengthened in the supply chain and OEM areas. Especially in regard to air conditioners and washing machines.

This year, Xiaomi’s smartphone business will continue to focus on innovation and quality, as well as optimizing its product portfolio. Also, Mi will reinforce the new retail channel and its presence in the mid to high-end Smartphone market. Redmi will continue to focus on the research and development of inexpensive and high-quality smartphones. Among other projects of the Chinese firm, Xiaomi will adopt a multi-brand strategy that includes: Black Shark, POCO and Meitu.

AI + IoT: Xiaomi´s new strategy

According to the latest Xiaomi’s news, we already know that the company will continue its global expansion with a focus on the markets of Europe and Latin America. Aso, the company is working on the construction of a new retail system, in which both online and offline channels will be developed.


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