Xiaomi Roidmi P8S: Car Air Purifier Review | Smart Solution for Air Purification

In this busy world nowadays, it’s very difficult to maintain health outdoor crawled with pollutants. Cars and other vehicles act like storages filled with germs and dust particles. As a result, the air inside of a car always gets unhygienic and uncomfortable. Carrying a musk every time of journey isn’t efficient.

The usage of car air purifier is the perfect smart solution for this. The main job of car air purifiers is to improve air quality inside a vehicle by removing germs and odor. To participate in this field, Chinese company Xiaomi has released the Roidmi series of products in the mid 2018 as healthcare companions and eco-friendly solutions for modern world.Xiaomi Roidmi P8S: Car Air Purifier Review

This Xiaomi Roidmi P8S: car air purifier review introduces one of the latest products from Xiaomi which delivers maximum efficiency while filtration. It’s the upgraded and improved version of air freshener of Xiaomi Car Air Purifier having OLED display and redefined design. This is surely a forerunner in the line of purifiers with the features it offers.

Xiaomi Roidmi P8S: Car Air Purifier Review

Xiaomi Roidmi P8S: Car Air Purifier Review

Automobiles can accumulate lots of toxic particles inside. While driving in different areas, various types of unwanted particles gather due to air pollution, especially in industrial areas and garbage disposal areas. Exposing in this environment for enough period can result in severe and permanent health hazards and discomfort.

While sitting in a traffic jam, the smog and dust coming directly from the vehicle in front can harm the driver all the more. To minimize these hazards while travelling, car air purifier is the best option and the P8S is one of the best ones to deliver accordingly.

The Xiaomi Roidmi P8S works as an air freshener and purifier by removing harmful particles and uncomfortable elements from inside of a car and converts into a healthy environment. It is a smart device and features a lot of qualities within a considerable price range.

Efficient Purification of Car Air

The purifier operates quite fast and cleans smoke, dust and toxic materials effectively. It has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) value of 80 cubic meters of air per hour, which means it can purify the inside of a car in just 2-5 minutes. It works better for the presence of double fan and three entrances for circulating wind which causes bigger intake of air.

The presence of an integrated 360-degree nanoscale multi air filter lets the machine handle polluted air at a greater rate. The anti-PM2.5 fine particulate matter resistance lets the machine work more efficiently for healthcare. It’s a parameter for particle contamination. Moreover, it is equipped with centrifugal turbines for maximum purification and stronger wind power. It can also completely absorb cigarette smoke.

Ideally it works great for removing smoke, dust, mite, bacteria and aldehyde which results in odor. The powerful turbine can also maintain stable speed and pressure while elevating to a higher wind power. For antibacterial purposes, the purifier is equipped with high precision laser particle sensors that detects both organic and material harmful particles and helps to eliminate them.

Ease of Access

The P8S is quite easy to use. It comes with Bluetooth v4.1 which enables it to connect to smartphones. It supports both Android 4.4 or IOS 7.0 and upper versions. It has quite a good connectivity. Connecting to a smartphone lets the user to visualize the parameters of car air and also control the device by adjusting different performance modes for working.

These modes are applicable according to the level of contaminants present or the environment in which the car is driven. It can also be controlled to further extents via Xiaomi Smart Home application. The intelligent control enables the user to witness the real time changes of air quality occurring while purification.

Furthermore, it reminds the user to replace filter before extinguishing. It also comes with silent mode, in which the machine operates silently with as low as 35.8 dB of noise level which is so low that it’s easy to forget the presence of this device. The device can set to be automatically turned on with the starting of the engine.

What’s in The Package?

The packaging is quite simple and comes with 40 x 18 x 14 cm dimension and weighs 1.58 kg. it contains a Xiaomi Roidmi P8S car air purifier, a multi effect filter, an anti-PM2.5 smart filter, a 4.5m long power adapter and a stand.

In case of not using the stand, it can be easily placed inside the car by strapping it with the headrest of car chair. This is a convenient way to ensure uniform performance in every situation. The armrest strappings are sold separately.

Small and Subtle Structure

The Roidmi P8S has a 38 x 11.8 x 11.8 cm dimension and weighs 1.5 kg. It is a cylindrical barrel made of plastic and comes in black. It has ventilation grills on every sides and looks somewhat like a Bluetooth speaker. It also has an OLED display that shows the PM2.5 concentration which visualizes the status of particles contamination. The whole structure appears slick and simple.

Power Consumption

The Xiaomi Roidmi P8S runs on direct connection to power. It uses a 12V power source to run the powerful centrifugal turbines and consumes 8.4W power level through the provided 4.5m power cable. The power adapter can be situated in the cigarette ashtray. The power consumption level is normal in perception to the efficiency it delivers.

Cons of Xiaomi Roidmi P8S Car air Purifier

With the various advantages that come with it, there are minor drawbacks with this machine. The price appears to be such a problem. The P8S stands in a mid-ranged category. In this price range, a lot of other options can be found having some little less features but working fine. This device is not suitable for users who need an average purifier with low price delivering normal yield. It’s also impractical to use in roofless convertibles.

Another problem is the troubleshooting of this device. In the event of something going wrong, reporting to the Xiaomi global customer assistance website often achieves nothing as they state that the product was not bought from them firsthand. There are not many official shops selling these products worldwide which makes the durability of this device questioned. Apart from these, the P8S is perfect in almost every way.


From this Xiaomi Roidmi P8S car air purifier review, it is safe to state that the purifier is a great healthcare companion if the drawbacks can be ignored. The efficiency of this product is quite good. it removes the unwanted and harmful materials effectively and improves the inner environment of a car in a very short period.

The P8S can be very suitable in ambulances carrying patients of asthma or other diseases too. It can improve health a great deal for people who travel a lot. By improving the air inside, the device also helps user to maintain attention and integrity while driving. So, it can be suggested to anyone willing to act one step further to ensure better purification of air for their automobiles.


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