Xiaomi ROIDMI F8E Handheld Vacuum Cleaner at $359.99

After the launch of its first handheld vacuum cleaner in face of the ROIDMI XCQ01RM, the company has already managed to come in with a couple of other models that don’t yield the pioneer at all. Recently, we have reviewed the Roidmi F8, which looks like its sibling and provides good cleaning performance but costs less. As for now, we are going to take a look at the slightly modified version of this cleaner, namely ROIDMI F8E. It is sold for $359.99. So if compared with the previous two models’ prices, this is the most affordable variant. Probably, E stands for economical.

Externally, the Xiaomi Roidmi F8E hardly differs from the Roidmi F8 and other handheld vacuum cleaners, in general. The turbo-brush of the Roidmi F8E lost its backlight, while the battery life was reduced from 55 to 40 minutes in standard mode. It is also packed with a four-level air cleaning system, and the vacuum cleaner weighs about 1.3 kg.

The Roidmi F8E sports a DC brushless digital motor with a speed of up to 80,000 rpm, which brings about 17,000 Pa high suction, a power of up to 300W, and an effective suction power of up to 80W. Thus, this cleaner can easily cope with common floating dust hair and larger and heavier particle impurities. Through careful design of multi-stage cyclone duct, dust and gas can be effectively separated, and dust can be avoided from clogging the filter element. The quadruple filtration system can filter fine dust as small as 0.3 microns, and the purification rate reaches 99%.

As you probably guess, handheld vacuum cleaners like the Xiaomi ROIDMI F8E are not only used to clean the floor and mattress but also clean the car in all directions. For the car owners, diversified suction heads with wireless design can effectively clean the car storage space, lower seats, seat gap, and other health dead corners. This should be more effective, because its suction is far superior to the traditional car-mounted vacuum cleaner, and its cleaning capacity is far from comparable. At the same time, its multi-angle flexible rotating brush design has brought great convenience to the handling of special cleaning situations.


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