Buy The Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier For $139.27(Coupon)

In December 2016, the Chinese company launched its first household air purifier, which was a more traditional and less technological version. Currently, we already know around 5 versions to date, in addition to a version for maintaining the purity of the air in cars, to avoid congestion and traffic pollution that brings environmental smog. But, of course, Xiaomi could not stay like this, one is never enough for this company. That’s why, on May 22nd, they announced, through their Crowdfunding platform, that this purifier will have a second version and, with much better implementation. So, yes, here we have the new Roidmi Car Air Purifier.

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This new model is much more efficient than its predecessor. After all, China is a country that suffers from great pollution and Xiaomi is always aware of its users’ health. The development of this new purifier was carried out through one of the sub-brands of Xiaomi, Roidmi, which is known for its quality products, such as Roidmi 2S and 3S car chargers.

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The Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier uses double fans and adopts a design that has entrances from three points, to increase the air intake. So that it improves the purification of the same in the vehicle to ensure a greater circulation. In addition, it integrates a filter that allows 360° multi-effect for an elimination of aldehydes anti-mites. It has antibacterial properties since it uses a laser particle sensor to improve the purification capacity.

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Of course. Regarding the external characteristics, it has an OLED screen that shows the concentration of PM2.5 or particle contamination. This screen also shows the availability of the filter to be changed when its life expires and the Bluetooth connectivity. So yes, it will also be able to connect to our smartphones. In this way, we can visualize the parameters of the purifier through them and even modify them, thanks to the app that Roidmi will offer. Finally, its power depends on an external source of 12V. Its efficiency is not in doubt since it is capable of purifying 60 to 80 m3 in a time of two minutes. And, it can be coupled in the place of the user’s preference.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier

The Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier is currently available on Gearbest for $139.27 using the Coupon code: QY1CUZ0Y79. Depending on your location and choice of shipping, this device would be delivered to you for free.



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