Buy The New Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For $399.99

Like the popular saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. It’s not really easy living in a dirty environment, but sometimes due to our busy schedule, we may want to use it as an excuse. It should be noted that sickness doesn’t listen to our excuses but attacks on every single opportunity, and we know that dirty environment causes loads of sickness nowadays. To this end, we bring you the Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that would handle you cleaning very well without any lag. This robotic cleaner would make cleaning so easy, whether you at home or not, as it features the Mijia APP, so you can control your Roborock xiaowa C352 at home or away, schedule weekly or daily cleanings, making your life much easier.

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The Xiaomi Roborock xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in the traditional shape and size of vacuum cleaners. It comes with a round-shaped body that carries all the necessary sensors and cleaning brushes. On the front, it carries a charging sensor that automatically leads the cleaner to the charger when the remaining power is below 30%. There is also the obstacle avoidance sensing system. Under the cover, there is a dust box with a capacity of 640ml which can store large dust without cleaning the dust box frequently.

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The xiaomi robotic cleaner can be controlled by an intelligent APP. Thus the robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled by two ways – either via the buttons on the cleaner itself or via the APP. Once the APP is downloaded and installed on your smartphone,  you would be able to see not only the main operations that can be implemented on it but also the cleaning time and power consumption. Here you can adjust the cleaning power – quiet, standard, powerful, and MAX.

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It offers 9 types of cleaning modes which includes local cleaning, deceleration collision, through the curtains, along with the wall, anti-winding, detours, carpet pressurization, anti-drop, virtual wall, etc.  It is embedded with a Large capacity 640ml dust box, it can store large dust without cleaning dust box frequently. There is a built-in 5200mAh  one of the largest battery in any vacuum cleaner for the now.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Roborock xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Roborock xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for pre-order for just $399.99 and would be delivered free to your destination depending on your preferred shipping option. This price would definitely skyrocket when the pre-order period is over, so this is the best time to get this product.



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