Xiaomi could present smartphones with retractable cameras

Many people have managed to get the popular Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, this being the first and perhaps the only sliding technology phone of the Chinese company, which has a sled mechanism that discovers all the main sensors that it has, but especially the frontal camera. In short, this was an interesting mechanism, due to the recreation of memories linked to an era in which there were no smartphones, and the different mobile devices were all different from each other.

Apart from that, this mechanism adopted by Xiaomi in the Mi MIX 3 is not very comfortable with respect to daily use and, therefore, many users have wondered the reason behind why the Chinese OEM had not sought a solution in a retractable camera, since this patent exists.

Xiaomi could present smartphones with retractable cameras

Xiaomi could present phones with retractable cameras in the future

The novelty of the retractable cameras may be the correct solution for the problems that users have been experiencing, as long as the request that it has is so high that it meets the cost = benefit requirement. That being said, the manager Wang Teng Thomas, who is always providing information from this company, answered some questions through his social profile on the micro-blog website, Weibo.

In summary, this manager of Xiaomi has insinuated that, according to one of the many investigations that are made in the technology market, the Chinese company could make the decision to launch smartphones that have retractable cameras, just like the prototype of the Mi MIX 3 that lately has been hanging around the internet. At the moment, no release dates have been published, but history teaches us that when Xiaomi talks about some characteristic, it is because something is going to happen eventually.

Xiaomi could present us phones with retractable cameras in the future

In short, this is an option that could even go against the current trend compared to the technology industry in the smartphone sector, but hey, Xiaomi is not new when it comes to swimming against the current. This 2019 seems to have started well, and who knows, it could continue this good run with the launch of a terminal equipped with a retractable camera.

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