Shopping Center Confirms The First Xiaomi Retail Store In Vienna

Rumors and news has been coming to us about the fast expansion plans Xiaomi has to go beyond the markets of China and India. But, in recent months, this project has been aimed at reaching Europe. A few days ago Xiaomi announced the partnered with Tree, a communications company in Europe. Now, we recently talked about the expansion to Italy and France, but we still had not expected the first Xiaomi Retail Store In Vienna, Austria.

At the end of last year, the Chinese company arrived in Western Europe through an event held in Madrid, Spain. In this way, he opened the doors for all Mi fans of that country. But this is not everything, by the end of May, Xiaomi will arrive on the 22nd in France and the 24th in Italy, respectively. And, it was confirmed that it will be through the inauguration of news Mi Stores.

Now, the consumers of these countries will not have to get their products through online stores. They will have a physical space.

SCS shopping center was choosen for the Xiaomi Retail Store In Vienna

Thanks to the great support in Europe, the experience of the consumers has been pleasant through the products and services. And now, we know that the technology developer will also arrive in Vienna by the end of the month.  the announcement, one of the largest shopping centers in Vienna, SCS, also confirmed that the Xiaomi retail store will come in May.

Then, the company will expand to three European countries for the last week of May. These dates will possibly coincide with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 7, which could hit the market on the 23rd.

With Austria, Xiaomi would officially move to a German-speaking market. And that is generally the way of big companies test the market before going to the German market. In a bussiness point of view,  if you cant enter in one of the countries in DACH  (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), you can quickly expand to others.

As for Vienna, we are unsure if this will an official store or simply an authorized dealer. The catalog of articles remains a mystery as well. Still missing for the inaugurations, so it is possible to receive more news in the coming days. But something is certain, Xiaomi has begun its expansion and will not stop.



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