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The Xiaomi Redmi TWS AirDots Basic headphones are presented in a compact ergonomic case. The design of “True Wireless” suggests that you can use ear pads independently of each other. In-ear headphones provide a comfortable fit, as they provide a design that follows the shape of the auricles. For reliable fixation in the kit, you will find two pairs of additional ear pads.

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Related imageBuy Xiaomi Redmi TWS AirDots For Just $15.99


In terms of design and specification, they are slightly smaller and black in color, while the Shumi model is sold only in white. They connect to a smartphone of any type, including noise filtering during phone calls, and a button that allows you to call the relevant digital assistant – Google Assistant on Android devices, Siri on iPhone devices.

The new Redmi AirDots are truly wireless earbuds, meaning that each bud comes with its own battery and isn’t connected to the other bud via a wire. The product offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity; each bud weighs 4.1 grams and sports a 7.2mm dynamic driver while offering 4 hours of music playback on a single charge.


The headphones operate about 4 hours on a single charge and come with a case with a built-in battery that provides eight more hours of listening. The battery capacity of the headset itself is 40 mAh/hr, and 300 mAh/hr for the chassis battery, which provides another three charge cycles and a total of 12 hours of use. They are immune to sweat and IPX4 water spills, shut down themselves when there is no connection to the phone and support Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The weight of all her ears is 4.1 grams.

The earbuds come with a charging case that features its own internal battery holding two additional charges for a total of 12 hours of music playback before the buds and case have to be recharged. A multi-functional button embedded in the earbuds allows users to summon voice assistants like Siri or the Google Assistant depending on whether the earbuds are connected to an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone. This is achieved by a double-tap command while answering/hanging up calls or playing/pausing music can be done by single-tapping the button.

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Coupon Code: 48E855DD

Related imageBuy Xiaomi Redmi TWS AirDots For Just $15.99


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