Did Redmi Note 7 Survived The Drill Test? Let’s Find Out

Redmi Note 7 Durability in Question!

Redmi Note 7 is the first smartphone of the recently separated ‘Redmi’ subbrand of the Chinese giant Xiaomi. Apart from the magnificent dual rear camera, premium color gradient metal design, and promising performance, there’s another aspect which adds to its stupendously low budget. It is the ‘durability’ of the smartphone. To check the robustness of this underdog, let’s see whether its screen survives a drill test or not.

Redmi Note 7 Drill Test – Incredible Results

A drilling test was conducted on the screen because the glass display is the most fragile part of the phone.

Redmi Note 7 Drill Test

As seen in the video, the Redmi Note 7 survived the drill test. More interestingly, there’s no crack, not even a scratch on the screen after drilling. The credit here goes to the Gorilla Glas Protection 5 coating on the screen. Lei Jun, founder/CEO of Xiaomi Technology said :

The fifth-generation Gorilla Glass used by Redmi Note 7 is a product that many manufacturers are not allowed to use for a two to three thousand yuan smartphone.

Moreover, this is the first time, that Xiaomi has used the latest Gorilla Glass Protection in its flagship. Most of their phones don’t have such coating (or maybe they never mentioned), but recently, they have started featuring it in the recent launches.

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More About Redmi Note 7’s Durability

Redmi Note 7 uses the same quality standards as Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phone, and the official promise is to provide an 18-month long warranty.

According to the official introduction, Redmi Note 7 adds quality input and carries out up to 15 additional quality innovations. After two years of improvement, Xiaomi successfully upgraded the long-term comprehensive normal use rate of the past 12 months to 18 months and also has the same quality level.

In addition, Redmi Note 7 also provides innovative protection for the most fragile body corners. It has a waterproof design for the buttons and all interfaces to ensure reliable quality. Quite impressive for 999 yuan ($147) smartphone.

Redmi Note 7 waterproof test

Durability Highlights of a $150 Smartphone

  • Life Waterproof Chassis
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Aluminium Alloy Built

Is there any other smartphone which delivers such features, long-lasting durability, and incredible performance under $150. If so, let us know.



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