Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 will be able to get the next Android P

Independent developer launches compatibility with Project Treble.

Most of the components of the devices are independent and must be reconfigured so that they work correctly each time a new version of Android is released. This is a very complicated task and that is why we can notice how long it can take a company to launch new updates. That’s why Google added Project Treble on Android Oreo and a developer has posted on the XDA portal how it has achieved compatibility in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

But before telling you, we must explain that Project Treble is an important feature that could help third-party manufacturers to implement faster Android updates in custom ROMs. This will greatly improve the task of porting ROMs to older devices, avoiding fragmentation and encouraging the deployment of community ROMs.

Although Google has set this feature as mandatory in each device that carries Android Oreo by default, smartphones that are in the update phase can exclude it and this is an option that some major manufacturers have taken.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 will be able to get the next Android P - Project Treble

However, in the XDA portal, a user has shared a way to bring Project Treble compatibility into the Redmi Note 4 that uses MIUI as a customized Android Nougat OS. For this process, it was necessary for the developer to create two partitions on the device, one for the provider elements and another for the Android Framework core. Both partitions communicate through a provider interface called Hardware Abstraction Level Interface Definition Language (HIDL). Most non-Oreo smartphones never had this partition, but Xiaomi devices require two partitions to work (this is the reason why Xiaomi releases individual updates for Android and MIUI when necessary).

Therefore, this could be tested when the next Android P is released and the update can be applied immediately through this trick. This would mean an important achievement in the development of custom ROMs of Android, which would cause the return of the furor for the independent development of ROM as in the early years of the operating system. Thanks to Treble support, the Redmi Note 4 would be up to date with many improvements provided by the community with greater access to the source code.

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