Xiaomi’s CEO has confirmed that the Redmi mobile will have the 48MP camera

Some time ago, the announcement was made that one of the most important series for Xiaomi, Redmi, would become an independent brand, and with this, it would launch its first mobile to the market on January 10. Since then, there have appeared many speculations regarding this mobile, talking about its characteristics or possible surprises with which it could count.

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Information presented by the Xiaomi’s CEO on the Redmi mobile

Lei Jun, the CEO of the company, has shared new renders of this mobile, in which we can see the back of it. In the lower part of the image, we can read “Redmi” confirming the phone to which it belongs, besides that with these images it is discovered that it will have a fingerprint sensor and a dual camera configuration. With these new renders, some of the leaks that had previously been submitted are confirmed. Something that is not yet known is the name with which this device will go on the market, but we can expect the 48MP camera to greatly influence this decision.

Redmi Phone

As you know, this device will officially be released on January 10, so there is very little time left and much to discover. However, Xiaomi will not be left behind with this technology since recently a new phone was seen in the Geekbench benchmarking portal, and according to what can be seen in the list, it is believed that it will be the Xiaomi Cepheus, which, according to reports, can also have a 48MP camera.

Redmi Smartphone

Features of the 48MP camera of the Redmi mobile

It is known that this camera is one of the most expected things by technology lovers at the moment and the APK reports show some of the functions that this mobile will have, which are:

Custom watermarks: since watermarks are extremely popular at this time, the company decided to give some importance to this aspect, therefore, in the future by means of several updates, you can customize the watermarks that have the photos or videos taken with the camera.

48MP Ultra Pixel Photography: Definitely, the enormous quality that this camera has is something incredible and never seen before, which is why they decided to name it as ultra pixel photography.

Ultra wide angle: Secondary cameras of many phones are limited to simply capture the depth, but this is not the case of the Redmi mobile since it has a huge angle that allows it to take pictures of all kinds of natural or rural landscapes.

Live Shot: It’s a new option that has not yet much information, however, the name can be speculated that it is something similar to Apple’s Live Photo.

Effects in portrait mode: To expand the variety of effects of the camera, Redmi decided to add 4 new ones that are very interesting: Tea, Lilt, Sephia, and Dusk.

New filters for video: As well as the effects in portrait mode, they added new color filters when making a video, which are: Orchid, Xpro, Black and White, Pale, Bauhinia, Sly Blue and Sephia.

Moving photos: Unlike dynamic photos, these options allow you to add audio and video for a few seconds to photos.


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