Xiaomi Rechargeable LED HD Makeup Daylight Mirror Offered For Just $39.32

Sometimes we may envy our neighbors or friends marriage, and feel its perfect! Nit at all point in time is it so and little things are what is keeping the marriage looking very sweet and nice both inwardly and outwardly. Let me ask? when last did you get your wife a perfect gift that’s hers and hers alone? that you’ve got gotten to benefit from? Things like that spice lots of marriage. And today we present you a perfect gift that would put a great smile on your wife’s face and turn are into a beauty queen which in turn would make you a very happy and proud man. We present Xiaomi Rechargeable LED HD Makeup Daylight Mirror. A mirror that ensures all woman are perfectly on the right makeup with the perfect touch.

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Coupon code: 502C6B for the banggood store

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The Xiaomi Rechargeable LED HD Makeup Daylight Mirror is made from the German craft HD silver plated mirror which originally presents every inch of the skin.  It has a well selected 6.5-inch high definition silver-plated mirrors, high reflexive performance, more clear and produces a very true image. with this, no color shifting, no distortion, and produces a very bright image. This German craft does not release substance harmful to the body and the environment. The back of the mirror has a micro-matte material. Anti-dirty, sticky cosmetics can also be easily wiped off looking at the texture, feeling a touch. The mirror is adjustable between 0 – 60 degree. The shaft passed the 8000 opening and closing fatigue test which is durable.

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The mirror produces excellent color rendering, brightness, and comfort. The all-around light source has a color rendering power comparable to natural light, especially in skin color and red color development, which can greatly improve the ruddy color, true skin color, and makeup color.  With its uniformity of 98%, the brightness is increased to more than 3 times that of a conventional LED mirror. It comes with 3 modes of brightness for adjusting, the mood includes the low(300lux), medium(500lux) and high(900lux) grades to meet different makeup and skin care clarity needs

Lastly, It is powered by a big 2000mAh Battery capacity which can last one week after a single charge. while in use. This battery is Rechargeable and the device is easy to move and use.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Rechargeable LED HD Makeup Daylight Mirror

The Xiaomi Rechargeable LED HD Makeup Daylight Mirror is currently available on Gearbest for just $41.99 and it can be purchased for $39.48 on banggood which comes with a free shipping option.

Coupon code: 502C6B for the banggood store



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