Buy The Xiaomi Rabbit Track Building Block/Electric Train For $111.99 (Coupon)

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi is known for the production of cheap and affordable products which cut across several categories. The Xiaomi Rabbit Track Building Block/Electric Train & Magnetic Building Block are toys for kids which was launched weeks ago and is now available for grab on Gearbest. The Xiaomi Rabbit Track Building Block/Electric Train consists of several highly recognizable scene props including an electric train, train tracks, railways, signs, mountains, trees, railway stations, freight stations, suspension bridges and others.

The Rabbit Track Building Blocks / electric train comes with a very simple design and has good colors combination that are attractive to Children. The Building block, apart from being a plaything also helps in the Child’s brain development as they will need to assemble the parts themselves. After the set up (Building of the train) it The electric train is also easy to operate which make it a more fun to play with. With a single press or push the train will start moving and with a push, it can be brought to a stop. The tracks can be arranged in different styles to create different scenes. There is an actual loading bay that can be used to load cargo onto the train wagon and it rotates 360 degrees. Different wagons can be attached to the train as a result of a magnetic point at its back.

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The product is manufactured by Xiaomi’s Ecological chain enterprise Mi Sugar Culture Creative company. The toys in the package are all manufactured using European Class A Eucalyptus wood and coated with environmental protection paint. The manufacturing process saw the product going through 80 stringent processes and the result is a high-end, safe and playable track building block / electric train. The product is comparable to those of renowned wooden toy manufacturing firms like Brio and Hape but is far cheaper than their’s which is up to 1000 Yuan. So, you get a product of similar quality for one-third the price.  To get this product from Gearbest Click the link below

Coupon Code: GBMAYZT20″

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The Magnetic Building Block

The Magnetic Building Block is much more than a toy. It’s not just an ordinary block of magnetic pieces, but it is an incredible toy that is able to improve the skills of children. That’s why it’s a great purchase for the little ones in the house, and it’s worth its weight in gold as a toy because it’s a way for them to be entertained while they get smarter.

In the following image, you can see what would be of the magnetic blocks, available at a price of just $69.99 and with which you can create different figures.

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You may want to also consider checking the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Remote Control Drone which was recently launched(weeks ago ).  As the children day celebration draws near all over the world, this is a perfect gift that will put a smile on your kid’s face for a very long time. This is a product that gets your kid closer to technology but not in a harmful way. It comes in white and red colors and it has a wheelbase which contains all the hardware and sensors. The blade of the drone is made of glass fiber which is durable and hard to break. With this, kids can play with it, without fear of accidents or issues. It has a maximum flight height of 25 meters and it can be controlled with a remote control or via WiFi over a 50 meters distance. The drone comes with so many features Click HERE to check them all.

Xiaomi Mi Rabiit Remote Control Drone



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