Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z Offered for $899.99

“Xioami is a great company,” and we all should agree to this statement. The range of their innovative gadgets starts from the smart light bulb, smartphones to big gadgets like Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z. The Qicycle from Xiaomi is not your regular cycle. Coming from Xioami, its the smartest cycle you can get your hands on. Being a smart cycle, it gets to integrate with your smartphone, and furthermore provides real-time info of every ride you make. The Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z is developed by Xiaomi partnering with iRiding. The cycle comes with three-speed Shimano internal hub which is powered by a 250-watt 36-volt high-speed motor.

Xiaomi Qicycle

The smart cycle provides you the riding range of 27 miles (45 km), even if you solely depend upon its electric motor. If you are looking for a smart bicycle, this can be a great time. Tomtop is running a flash sale at this moment, from where you can get this amazing Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z at a discounted price of  $899.99, with 56% discount on the regular price.

Design & Build

Qicycle coming from Xioami, has a great design, and it feels quite trendy. The cycle looks like something from the future. It has build keeping urban youth in mind, and that reflects from everywhere. Even with high-quality aluminum, the cycle is very lightweight, which makes it quite handy to handle, and keep in proper place after usage.

Xiaomi Qicycle

One of the best parts that catch our attention is the ability to fold the cycle. The cycle is very adjustable. You can lower the seat, fold the cycle handle, the pedals and wheels. The whole cycle is fully adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your height until you feel comfortable. This property not only makes Qicycle an excellent fit for young people but also for children in the house.


The Xiaomi Qicycle is powered by large 5800mAH battery inside the smart cycle. The cycle comes with a 250W motor, and as a result, you will get a top speed of 20km/hour. The Qicycle is designed keeping mostly adults in mind. If you solely rely on cycle battery to ride, you can go up to 45km. Which can go even more further by combining pedal power with larger battery life.

Xiaomi Qicycle

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Being a product from Xiaomi, indeed, it’s a smart cycle. The Xiaomi Qicycle comes with its own dedicated app that is available for both Android and Apple devices. You can connect your smartphone with the cycle via Bluetooth and its good to go.

Xiaomi Qicycle

When you start your ride, the app will automatically get in sync with the Qicycle. It will keep a real-time counter for your speed and battery life. Furthermore, you can also select the power output you want from the motor. There are basically three power modes Enhanced (maximum support), Balanced (regular support), Eco (minimum support) and Off (no support). You can select any of them according to your convenience.

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The  Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z is a great cycle to have at your place if you love cycling. Xiaomi has really done a great job as it has taken out all hard work everyone has to go through while cycling. Finally features like monitor your speed, distance, and other stats are cherry on top. Even more, it doesn’t require any kind of license to ride the bike, so what you are waiting for.

Xiaomi Qicycle

Where to buy

The Xiaomi Qicycle is available at tomtop at a discounted price of $899.99 with the coupon code XIAOM718.


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