XIAOMI QICYCLE EUNI ES808 Folding Electric Scooter at $517.06

Today we present a little different gadget, but it is attracting the attention of the technological world. This is the Xiaomi QiCYCLE EUNI ES808, an electric scooter that comes from Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi. This scooter, with a maximum speed of 20km / h and autonomy of 25km, is presented as an economic alternative to the popular Xiaomi M365, but with a much lower price. In addition, this speed limitation makes it suitable for circulation in many cities where the use of this device is regulated. In any case, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the municipal ordinance of your town hall, to ensure if there are traffic restrictions for these vehicles.


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This scooter is specially designed for those who want to move comfortably through the city to make small journeys, without having to worry about parking, and with much lower costs than those of a car or motorcycle. The QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 is manufactured in 6061 aluminum, achieving an assembly whose weight is at 13.2 kg, supporting a maximum load of 100kg. One of the most interesting features of this model is the incorporation of two small wheels in the front of the scooter’s chassis, which will allow us to take it as a trolley when folded, thus facilitating its transport when we are not using it. On the other hand, these two wheels also serve as a support to keep the scooter standing when we are not using it, just by slightly bending the handlebar.


The handlebar is precisely one of the most outstanding additions of this product with respect to the M365, since it incorporates a small screen that will provide useful information such as the current speed or the level of battery charge, without the need to use the Ninebot mobile application. However, if we wish, we can consult these and other data in the application. In addition, on the handlebar, we will find the buttons on and off, the light switch, and also the bell.


This scooter is powered by a 250W engine, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 20km / h, and face slopes of up to 12º, so it should be enough for moderate use in urban areas. The QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 has a rear disc brake, which can be operated through the handlebar, accompanied by an emergency brake located on the rear fender, in the style of a conventional scooter. In addition, it has front and rear light, to give us greater visibility. As far as tires are concerned, the QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 is equipped with 2 8-inch wheels, slightly smaller than the M365. The front wheel is inflatable, while the rear is solid, made of non-slip rubber. Thus, the manufacturer wanted to achieve a good balance between comfort and durability.


Since it is a device designed for outdoor use, a remarkable fact is that it has IPX5 protection, so it is suitable for use in the rain. Even so, it is not advisable to go over puddles. This interesting electric scooter has a price of $534.34, and its the best value for money.



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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