Xiaomi launches a new Xiaomi Qi charger for the Mi Mix 2S

More than a month ago, the Qi charger from Xiaomi obtained its Qi certificate from the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). Companies like Xiaomi and Google have managed to form a strong alliance with the WPC that goes beyond granting a simple permission to include wireless charging under the Qi standard in devices of any kind, but in turn are responsible for advertising this type of technology and finance the development of this.

A new Qi charger is not only for the Mi Mix 2S but it is compatible with Smartphones that do not belong to Xiaomi

Qi charger el Mi Mix 2S funcion

This new Qi charger has a power of 10W that can be compatible with the Mi Mix 2S, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, using a power of 7.5W, however, can be used without any problem in the Samsung S9 where it could reach 10W while the device is charging. However, it was originally expected that this charger was released with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 later this year, but its release was advanced to last August 31.

This innovative charger includes a wide variety of types of protection to ensure not only the proper functioning of the device but also to provide the best security to the device. Among the types of protection, there is a system of temperature control, short circuits, voltage overload, and is able to detect foreign objects that may be in the base. This last function triggers the automatic shutdown in the event that a foreign object falls on the base, such as a coin so that it will not interfere with the charging process and avoid any damage.

Qi charger de Xiaomi para el Mi Mix 2S funcion

Xiaomi Qi charger is made of a high strength aluminum alloy, its surface is matte color, it provides an ideal grip for Smartphones. However, the upper panel is made with silicone that gives it a more pleasant feel and has a small green LED light in front that indicates the charging process or the completion of it. This new device boasts a disk-shaped body, whose edges are fully polished, the charger is available only in black.

Tomorrow will finally be on sale in China at a price of $9.30 (€8), we hope that in the coming days we can see it in virtual stores.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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