Xiaomi Q1-2018: Entry-level smartphones recorded more sales

Xiaomi ships over 28 million smartphone units in Q1 2018

Finally, Xiaomi released some details concerning the sales of its smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. According to official numbers, the company sent around 28,431 million units, giving an income of about 23.239 billion yuan (it would be around $3.6 million). This makes us see that the success of Xiaomi smartphones continues growing day by day.

Xiaomi Q1-2018 - Entry-level smartphones recorded more sales

The news reveals that from January to March 2018, Xiaomi’s research and development expenses were 1.104 billion yuan. If we compare this with the total income, it only represents 3.21%. Now, in retrospect, in 2017 the company’s R&D expenses were 3.151 billion yuan. This represented only 2.75% of total revenues. Apparently, everything has remained relatively stable from last year until now.

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Xiaomi smartphones sales in the Q1 2018

Also, it was announced the sales of Xiaomi smartphones in various price segments in the first quarter of this year. The low-end smartphones are still the best sellers, becoming the most important and relevant segment of the company. According to the report, more than 11 million units of smartphones were sold with a price lower than 799 yuan ($125), which generated an income of 5,422 million yuan.

Xiaomi Q1-2018 - Entry-level smartphones recorded more sales

Instead, the flagships smartphones with a price of 3000 yuan ($ 468) or more recorded significantly lower sales. Only a total of 496,000 units were sold, which in turn generated an income of 1,315 million yuan. Finally, the mid-range that has prices between 800 yuan and 1299 yuan ($ 126 and $ 205), sold 10,909 million units, registering a total income of 8,861 million yuan. Definitely, this is the segment with the most revenue for the company despite not being the largest amount of sales. Also, it is important to remember that these numbers are only from Q1 of 2018, there are still many more months for Xiaomi and its smartphones.

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