Xiaomi Prochain fragrance: an odor eliminator natural air freshener for Car offered for $27.99

A month ago Xiaomi presented two air fresheners. One of them is Prochain. It looks very elegant, packed like a perfume from a reputable brand. When we look at the box “feel the money”, the rough finish and flowers on the packaging front look very nice.

Xiaomi Prochain

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The product is packed correctly and there is nothing to cling to. The fragrance in one compartment, and the grip for the ventilation grille in the car next to it, in the other compartment. After opening the box, we can see the instruction manual. The manufacturer has applied to the product from the technical side and the whole is enclosed in a metal casing.

Xiaomi Prochain

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The device has a manual but a great philosophy does not exist in it. You can use it in two different ways. The device can be placed on a desk or anywhere else and the top is topped up, which will cause the top to come out and release the fragrance. The second way is to use two elements in the set to attach the smell to the grille from the supply. It does not have to be in the car, it can be attached to a fan, cleaner, anything that blows the smell.

Xiaomi Prochain

The holder has a magnet, it holds the fragrance firmly. You can safely attach in the car, there is no risk that it will fall. There would have to be very big holes on the road.


The smell of the bitter orange Grasse flower contains the sweetness of carnations. In the endless stream of movement you can feel the refreshing atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea and green poetry in the jungle
– Xiaomi

Xiaomi Prochain

Where To  Buy The Xiaomi Prochain fragrance

The Xiaomi Prochain fragrance is currently available on Gearbest for $27.99 and has a free shipping option.



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