Xiaomi Presents The New U’revo Jacket For Sports

This product can be combine with the new Xiaomi Waterproof Backpacks.

We could say that the name Xiaomi is basically synonymous with innovation and growth. We know very well how fast the company moves and also, it is much more than just technology. Like now that Xiaomi has just launched a new garment under the U’revo sub-brand: the Xiaomi U’revo Jacket.

Xiaomi presents new U'revo Jacket - U'revo Jacket

As you can see, it is a jacket with an ergonomic design. And it is also a very light piece, weighing only 106 grams.  Made of a plastic material that prevents the passage of the sun’s rays and, at the same time, works as a waterproof.

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Apparently, it will not be necessary to wait for a certain station to use it. However, it is presented as a sports jacket. It can be folded to the point of not occupying much space, which makes it super practical.

It is already available in physical stores in China and it is expected to reach the stores in India very soon and the next ones in Europe. Anyway, it can be ordered in digital stores in presentations that vary between the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Combine Xiaomi U’revo Jacket with the two new models of Xiaomi backpacks

Xiaomi always thinks about revolutionizing any market. Now he surprises us once again with two new products: a shoulder bag and a waterproof fanny pack.

First, we introduce you to the new shoulder bag, which has everything you need to conquer the users, it can be used on rainy days and you can transport everything you need since it has several pockets in which you can easily place the gadgets.

Another impressive feature of this new Xiaomi product is that it can be easily attached to a suitcase, making it more comfortable to transport. On the other hand, it adds a minimal reflective sticker that can be seen in areas of low lighting. The cost of this product is about $15 or €13.

Although we already know that the shoulder bag is an impressive product, the other bet that Xiaomi makes with the Xiaomi U’revo Jacket is also a good choice. It should be noted that these launches are a great move that Xiaomi makes to conquer the Chinese market, because it is known that fanny packs have once again become a trend among the big brands in that country. That is why the company moves to textile market wanting to add a technological touch.

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