Xiaomi Prepares To Launch More Devices With Android One

Although Xiaomi has already used this software in the Mi A1, an Android device totally removed from MIUI, Lei Jun (Xiaomi’s CEO) assured that the big Chinese company would launch more devices with Android One. In this future decision, it also included the Redmi range and these would be equipped with a native Android system.

Xiaomi prepares for a future with Android One

As far as can be seen, and due to all the changes that technology has had over time, most manufacturers make a deep customization of the Android system to place it on their smartphones. Companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, and OnePlus have MIUI, EMUI, Flyme OS and Oxygen OS respectively. However, Xiaomi,┬áthe company that has outstanding achievements in the Indian market, will also make some adjustments to their mobile phones sold abroad, like with the replaced to the original MIUI for the Google’s official Android system.

Xiaomi Mi A1 With Android One

This Android Stock can be very convenient for manufacturers. With Android One you should only remove all pre-installed services from Google, use the code totally free and install your own application or service store. Without the obligation to sign an agreement with Google.

These earnings and revenues do not need to be split with Google. Companies must only comply with the usability of Google and run original Android systems.

Xiaomi Prepares To Launch More Devices With Android One

Android One, as a platform offers the following advantages to the users:

    Google tests the terminals that fall under the Android One program. This is to ensure that the speed and fluidity of the system is what it should be.
    Android One offers a battery saving function with which you can extend your autonomy up to 90 minutes. A change that is made automatically when there is little load and that you will value from the first day.
    Android One offers quick adjustments that make it easy, by simply swiping your finger twice, to deactivate the data and check the use.
    Finally, another of the key features of Android One is the ability to decide which notifications are the priority or not. An improvement so simple that it is strange that it is not included as standard in any system.

Xiaomi Prepares To Launch More Devices With Android One Interface

This “clean” version of Android is designed to offer its users automatic and secure updates. However, Google’s official Android and third-party custom open-source Android systems are completely different operating systems and application ecosystems. Just as these differ from the MIUI system. Our recommendation, before buying any device, is always to observe if this one has the latest versions of any operating system.




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