The new Xiaomi smart power strip is perfect to plug everything

You can always be aware of the power consumption

Xiaomi already launched several home products to the market, including power strips, however, this time it has presented a renewed model which adds important smart features.

The new Xiaomi smart power strip

In this new revision, the power button lights up blue when it is turned on and has wifi to be able to control the power strip, using the Mi Home app from our smartphone, with which we will have several options, for example: program your on and off schedule and know the consumptions of each plug of the power strip, among others.

power strip


This new version of the power strip has a price of €12 in its model of 3 plugs and three sockets of USB type 2A with fast charge and €11 the version with 5 plugs, however, in a few days we will see a higher price of the hand of various Chinese resellers. Though, both models arrive with the Chinese connector so it is very possible that we need to use adapters to use it.

Xiaomi power strip


If you want to buy one of these power strips, it will be available in the next few days in the different Xiaomi stores on the most popular websites such as GearBest and Alibaba.

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