80% of Xiaomi Power Banks are Fake Says Xiaomi CEO ‘Lei Jun’ – WARNING!

You might have come up with some fake products while shopping, claiming to be original and branded. Some smartphones hawkers dare to sell these so called branded item at a discounted price of to . If unlucky, the stupendously lower price than that of the original product may entice you in purchasing that item. Then what? That electronic has a low life than expected from the original and you end up wasting your money. Same is the case with smartphone power banks including Xiaomi Power Banks as well. The CEO of Xiaomi ‘Lei Jun’ says that these fake power banks also affect Xiaomi. He says:

In the market share Xiaomi power banks has a large proportion, accounting for 80% of the market share, of which 80% are the fake ones. Flyover, convenience stores, malls, all are full of Xiaomi Power Bank, mostly fake.

Like we say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ same goes with these fake power banks. The point is it doesn’t matter that how original the power bank seems to be from outside, inside it are poor batteries, shabby circuit board and no protection at all. Not only this affect the enterprise income, but also particularly affect the brand image and quality.

Once the product gets short-circuit, explodes or catches fire allowing it to expire before the minimum life given, customers come to Xiaomi service centers asking for a refund and find that the product is not original at all.

Xiaomi Power Bank
From the exterior, Xiaomi power bank appears to be fine. What could be wrong?
Xiaomi Power Banks opened
The interior shows that this so-called Xiaomi power bank is fake with poor circuiting and one battery with no shelling. Does it match with the original Xiaomi Power Bank?

Moreover, Lei Jun also suggested that for fake and shoddy products increase problems, thus increasing the crackdown. We should note that Xiaomi power battery isn’t the only electronic to be mostly fake. The markets are full of countless items which comprise bogus branded smartphones, earphones, and The world should not buy these fake products, and law enforcement should be improvised to certain suspected areas, and monitoring of the sellers should carry out under strict supervision.

Did you ever buy any fake gadget? Share your story with us!


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