Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight Review (Photo Heavy)

Xiaomi has myriads of sub-brands that bring the term of ‘intelligent’ or ‘smart’ to any niche. Recently, the company announced a new product named the Xiaomi portable LED flashlight. It has been designed for those who like long trips and small adventures. This flashlight supports 11 modes of adjustable brightness. Moreover, it comes with a variable lumen control, which is adjusted by a ring around its body. It allows switching anywhere from very dim lighting to its maximum brightness.

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Xiaomi portable LED flashlight Design

It comes in a transparent shell/packaging.

On the bottom side of the shell, we can find the specs of the LED flashlight. Among them, we can see the manufacturer name, a model number of LPB01ZM, the model name, the battery capacity of 3350mAh, a power supply of 5V1A input and output, and the light source of 3W.

On the opposite, we have a barcode.

Looking at it from the bottom, we can see the accessories coming with the Xiaomi portable LED flashlight.

Once it is opened, we can find the flashlight itself, a charging cable, a rubber strap, and a manual.

The flashlight is made of aluminum. The top side is silver, while the larger and upper part is beige.

On the front, we can find the Mi logo for those who doubt whether it is made by Xiaomi.

Remove the sticker on the bottom, and you’ll find USB Type-A port, a micro USB port, and a button. The Xiaomi portable LED flashlight supports an SOS function, which can be implemented by pressing the button for three times. The SOS signal can be seen from several meters.

The top side is covered with a sticker as well.

When looking at it aside we can see the cylindrical lenses.

The button is recessed a little not to press the SOS button accidentally.

The silver part is twistable. Thus you can adjust the brightness according to the conditions.

Spot effect.

At the lowest brightness.

At the highest brightness.

During the whole charging process, it showed 5V1A.

Those who need flashlights for camping or military needs should buy products with 1000 to 10000 lumens. But high output will drain the battery way faster. So if you want to use a flashlight for a longer time, the output range should be below 300 lumens. As for the Xiaomi portable LED flashlight, it can reach a maximum power of 3W and 240 lumens. Plus, there is a built-in Panasonic or LG 3350mAh lithium-ion battery supporting up to 216 minutes of bright lighting. This battery also supports an intelligent temperature control function, which can automatically reduce the brightness to adjust the temperature. This is a very useful feature, as different applications call for different lumens and levels of brightness – from close-distance reading to long-range illumination. That’s why its battery provides from 12 to 3.6 hours of use depending on the brightness level.

The Xiaomi portable LED flashlight is easy-to-carry and waterproof, as it comes with dimensions of 120.2 x 25.5 x 25.5mm and weighs only 103.7 grams. And it’s made of aluminum, as we said.

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight Tear Down



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