Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight at only $10.99 [Coupon]

One of the new products that Xiaomi launched to the market is Xiaomi portable LED flashlight which has a perfect design to take either long trips or small adventures. Is now finally in the online store, and GeekBuying presents it to you at a price of $10.99 which is unbelievable. This product is now for direct buy sale, So you don’t have to wait, As it will immediately ship to you for free. Here we will quickly see its characteristics. Though if you want to buy it immediately, Then use our link and coupon code below to get at the lowest price possible.

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Specifications of Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

The first thing we will see of this device is its small size, which is only 12.02 x 2.55 x 2.55cm. These dimensions will allow us to store this small product wherever we want, since it will fit perfectly in any bag we have, no matter how big it is. Regardless of the size of this small flashlight, it has LED lights of incredible quality, which can reach a maximum power of 3W and 240 lumens, which will give us great power.

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

This portable LED flashlight from Xiaomi comes with a battery that has a capacity of 3350mAh, which will give us a regular use of 12 hours, and 3.6 hours if it is used with its maximum brightness. The way to change the brightness from regular to maximum is very easy, since with a simple turn of the gray ring that is in the upper part of the device, the intensity of the light will change, and you can place it like you more you like it This flashlight has 11 different levels of brightness, and also has an SOS mode, just pressing three times a button that is on the bottom, which can be viewed from several meters.

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

One of the best and most important features of this flashlight is that it also works as a power bank, because thanks to the USB port that is located at the bottom, you can charge your smartphonetablet and many other things. Since Xiaomi thought of this product for people who like to make occasional trips, the 5V / 1Adevices will be charged perfectly, so, as long as your portable LED flashlight has a battery, your phone will have it too.


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