Xiaomi launched the new Portable 17 Pin Blender, a compact product that we can take anywhere

Another product from the Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform

Xiaomi always tries to have the largest number of home appliances products, made with an excellent quality, resistant and at a fairly affordable price in the market. At the same time, they have a wide variety of simple articles for daily life. On this occasion, the Chinese company launched yesterday the Portable 17 Pin Blender, a product that we can take anywhere because it is extremely compact.

Home products are a known terrain for Xiaomi, they have successfully designed products to simplify the lifestyle of the users, and their appliances for the kitchen are tools that take the culinary experience to another level, being simple products and insurance that will automate tasks that could become complicated when preparing some food or drinks.

How does the 17 Pin Portable Blender work?

17 Pin Licuadora Mix

This blender is quite similar to a vacuum flask, its design is simple and minimalist, having the blade to liquify just below its lid, in it you can place the fruits or some vegetables to be pulverized in its entirety, just open it, place what you want to liquify inside, close it and press the button. This product has a 700 mAh battery, which can be easily charged by a two-pin charger.

This new product of the Crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi has a capacity of 400ml and only weighs 495 grams, being a product that we can easily carry in the purse or backpack without any inconvenience. Also, is completely washable, thus, is really easy to keep it clean.

The 17 Pin Portable Blender is an appliance for the kitchen, which in this particular case we can use it wherever we need it. It will allow us to liquefy ingredients in the same container that are prepared.

This product gives us the ease of making juices or shakes, even some type of sauce if we wish, it is not necessary to pour liquid (such as water) so you can crush everything, just put the fruits or vegetables already peeled and cut (only to enter easily), close the lid completely and press the button, in just a couple of minutes you will have an excellent smoothie without any lumps. It is available at a price of $19.74 (1352 INR) in the Chinese market, but it is expected to appear online at a slightly higher price.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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