Xiaomi Mi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele Offered for Just $76.99 and Ukulele 2 for $111.99(Coupon)

Xiaomi, a company associated with smartphones, is expanding its product portfolio to be able to cater to a wider user base. Under its home products segment, the company already has a host of devices ranging from smart cookers, air purifiers, electric bikes, and much more. The Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele is a practical learning ukulele for beginners. It adopts the fingerboard LED light, Bluetooth / USB connection, APP video show and games to teach beginners to learn how to play ukulele quickly and easily, even current players can use it to further their ability. The LED light on the fretboard will show the play locations, then the players just following the light, they can play a song. The APP videos include different modules of ukulele, the players can learn it gradually, and the games will help to enjoy the learning fun.

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Mi Populele

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Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele

The Xiaomi Mi Populele can be understood as a more compact version of a standard acoustic guitar but one that only has four strings. The Mi Populele looks like a regular Ukulele and is made of  A++ spruce panel and European maple material, while it has an Italian Aquila nylon string. It sports a petal-style hollow for a mellow sound. It weighs 500 grams and has a dimension of 58.42 x 25.00 x 12.00 cm making it very light and compact. The smart instrument has been fitted with 72 LED lights under the fretboard which light up as a player picks on the string. It further includes what Xiaomi calls an ‘intelligent switch design’ for pairing over Bluetooth.

Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart UkuleleIt comes with a companion app which is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 and above or iOS 8.0 and above. The app aids in learning how to play Mi Populele. All one needs to do is tap a key on the app and the corresponding light will turn up on the Mi Populele thereby helping you pick up the right notes. The app comes with over 100 songs, basic lessons, and more which can help one master the instrument in lesser time.

Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele - Gift for Beginners 1pc
Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele
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Additionally, the Mi Populele is fuelled by an 800mAh battery and is Bluetooth-enabled for the companion app to work. It can be charged via micro USB and comes with a carrying bag.

Where Can I purchase The Xiaomi Mi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele?

The Xiaomi Mi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele can be purchased on Gearbest for just $76.99 using  Coupon Code:  IT$TH999XPA and it would be delivered to your destination for free.

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  1. Hello Sam,
    Really, great news! USB Smart Ukulele helps to learn the ukulele easily. Thanks Xiaomi Mi Populele.

    1. Yea, The Xiaomi Populele is an amazing device that would ensure you learn Ukulele in a very short time.

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