Xiaomi presents the new Populele 2, an amazing Smart ukulele

A year ago the Chinese company, Xiaomi, launched a musical instrument in the format of a ukulele, which helped you learn how to play it, this smart device is called Populele, and now the brand presents the Populele 2, a new version with a different physical format, totally renewing the product, and integrating 7 new actions and a series of new challenges to share with your friends.

The Populele 2 arrives with an updated application

Xiaomi Populele 2

The Populele 2 includes a series of games that will allow you to challenge other users to a duel and see who is the best Ukulele player. With this application, you can also learn to play the instrument, and increase the level of difficulty to become a true expert.

Xiaomi Populele 2

The Populele 2 will be manufactured with the best materials, such as ABS plastic and high-performance circuits, to provide the user with premium quality, it also includes LED lights to indicate the way the instrument should be played and weighs about 800 grams, making it a lightweight and practical device to carry anywhere, the best is that it has wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0, will be available in two color variants, black and white, these colors are unisex, allowing to adapt to any user regardless of gender or age.

Either by appearance or by its functions, the Populele 2 is a product that will attract the attention of more than one user. This new smart musical instrument will be available in China this December 17, it will be priced at $57.04 (€50), but it is estimated that by the time this product goes available in digital stores like Gearbest, the price gets a bit higher due to fees and importation taxes.

Source: Xiaomi4mi

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