Xiaomi Polarized Sunglasses: Time to look fashionable for only $33.99 on Tomtop

Xiaomi continues standing out thanks to its market volume, as it continues to diversify its products, and now in summer is time to take advantage of the offer for its sunglasses. Today we bring you an interesting deal of the Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses, a polarized sunglasses in the purest style of the classic Ray-Ban Aviator that Tom Cruise popularized in Top Gun.

Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses: Design

Xiaomi Polarized Sunglasses Foto

The Xiaomi Polarized Sunglasses are made of 304H stainless steel and equipped with resistant nylon lenses that include protection against UV rays, with 100% glare insulation. These Xiaomi sunglasses offer great protection for our eyes and provide a great look thanks to the overwhelming and elegant design. They are light (only 18g) and comfortable, since they are designed not to press on the nose due to its silicone nasal support, which facilitates its use.

They have been elaborated to adapt to any situation, so they are the perfect accessory for any sunny day. In addition, the lenses are luminous mirror type with high resistance, have no frame, the metal rods are very thin and have a center of gravity that has been reduced to 8mm in order to increase your comfort. They include a cleaning cloth, and also bring a practical cover to transport them.

Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses: Features

Xiaomi Polarized Sunglasses Surprise

They are specially designed for versatile outdoor activities, such as climbing, driving, fishing, walking and more. This pair of sunglasses offer protection against the wind, dust and, as we know, can isolate UV rays. The 6-layer polarizing films can effectively reduce strong light, eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattered light, giving you a clear visual effect.

Also, these sunglasses have a Z shape that makes them suitable for different shapes and widths, with a self-adjusting design. The clamping force is only 0.25N, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the head and is free of any wear signs. Also, the adoption of flat glass lenses reduces dizziness.

Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses: Tomtop deal

We invite you to not miss the great opportunity to acquire these Xiaomi lenses. Tomtop is offering this product with a coupon code (XMSGFN), which gives you a final price of $33.99 (2422 INR). Here we provide the link that will take you directly to the virtual store.

Coupon: XMSGFN

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