These are the conceptual render of Xiaomi Pocophone F2

We have already spoken about the success and popularity of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. It is expected that by the summer of  2019 the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 will be officially launched. That is a Smartphone of which practically nothing is known yet. However, conceptual renders have started to pop up; so in this opportunity, we bring you the concept of the popular designer Ben Geskin. According to him, the Smartphone will be built of aluminum and will have a waterdrop notch. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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Xiaomi Pocophone F2: Concept render of design

According to a tweet from Ben Geskin, the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 will be built of aluminum. The metal will replace the polycarbonate finish of the Pocophone F1, a feature disliked by many users. Also, in the image made by the designer, it is observed that the bezels are reduced to its minimum expression. Looking at the top, we notice a waterdrop notch. In the back, we can see a double camera vertically placed and a fingerprint reader in the center.

Xiaomi Pocophone F2: Possible specs

It is expected for the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 to run Android 9.0 Pie OS. In terms of hardware, the Smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 SoC and will have 6 or 8 GB RAM. Also, Xiaomi could improve the photographic sector, obeying the demands of users.

Xiaomi Pocophone F2: Possible specs

The Xiaomi Pocophone F2 should have a battery of at least 4000mAh to be considered decent. On the other hand, the price is unknown, but it will probably be a bit more expensive than its predecessor, which roughly costs $299.99.

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We remember you that all the features mentioned above are only assumptions. So, the true design of the Smartphone to date is uncertain. We will have to wait for possible leaks before its launch in mid-2019 to get more information.


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