The new Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is leaked through Antutu

A new Smartphone has been leaked through Antutu, the smartphone performance analysis tool, and the unofficial information confirms that this newly leaked device could be the Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

The analysis tool has yielded results of 285,000 points when evaluating this device, being one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today, if it were the Pocophone F1, the performance of this new device from the sub-brand of Xiaomi would be evident.

Pocophone F1

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that there could be a discrepancy between the score obtained through Antutu and the actual performance of the device when it is in the hands of the user, but it definitely serves as a good guide that provides an idea of the device performance.

According to the speculations, the Pocophone F1 of Xiaomi would have everything necessary to compete with the best of the mobile market, being a device based on the Android system with very good specifications in all its areas.

Rumors increase and official confirmation of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is expected

Xiaomi Pocophone

The expectation that Xiaomi presents its new line of phones under the sub-brand Pocophone could be a reality, what at first seemed to be a sub-brand dedicated to the production of mid-range smartphones would now be to present a new device of top-level.

The announcement could take place at the next IFA 2018 technology festival to be held in the German capital of Berlin, which will start from next August 31 and will run until September 5.

In terms of performance, the Pocophone F1 is expected to have the most powerful processor that Qualcomm currently has, the Snapdragon 845, a top SoC that also makes a presence in high-end models such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, the Xiaomi Mi 8 EE, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the HTC U12.

The Pocophone F1 would have 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, but rumors suggest that we may see an improved version of the Pocophone F1 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

This information has not been confirmed by the Antutu test since the analysis does not show any details about the hardware of the device, although the information handled in the sector suggests that we may see a 20MP front camera and a configuration of two lenses with a 12MP + 5MP sensor to give you the well-known Bokeh Effect and depth mapping.

The phone will have an infrared light and an infrared camera for identification and facial unlocking, which is the same unlocking method used in the Xiaomi Mi 8, this infrared illuminator next to the sensor will unlock the device in low light environments.

Xiaomi POCOPHONE - New certification

Unofficial information also suggests that the Pocophone F1 would have received a certification in its unorthodox liquid cooling, a system rarely used on the market today, and although the device has been properly reviewed and approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it is unlikely that we see it in the US market due to the great obstacles that Xiaomi faces in order to enter the North American market.

It is estimated that the price of POCOPHONE F1 will be approximately 490 dollars (33,721 INR) for the 64GB model and 537 dollars (36,956 INR) for the 128GB model, being a device with better value for money than many other smartphones on the market, although other filtered information suggests that the device would be available in Europe for less than $390 (26840 INR).

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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