Xiaomi in partnership with PMA launches a therapeutic cushion with graphene

Xiaomi has set its sights on the therapeutic products sector. Those that through the correct use of certain materials can help relieve pain in some region of the body, especially those that are exposed to daily stresses such as the neck, various areas of the back and others. For this occasion and thanks to its association with PMA, one of the most well-known brands in Youpin, Xiaomi has launched a cushion that includes thermal technology with graphene.

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Xiaomi PMA therapeutic cushion

Xiaomi PMA cushion – Highlight Features

At first, this new cushion is designed for the neck, however, it can take different forms and can be molded to other areas of the body. Although it has an elongated shape, it can be bent into a circle and is more convenient to be placed around the neck. It has dimensions of 65 x 10cm.

Xiaomi PMA therapeutic cushion

The cushion of Xiaomi PMA is manufactured by the company Anhui Yuhang Paimeng Health Technology Co. It integrates the nanomaterial known as graphene, an excellent thermal material that lately is being widely used for this type of devices due to its wide therapeutic advantages. Thanks to it, the cushion is capable of heating at a temperature between 47°C and 52°C.

Of course, although it is a cushion, it does not lack the “smart” features of Xiaomi. To have a comfortable use of the benefits of graphene, the power button has been placed on one side. You can also charge it as you would normally with other devices or you can connect it to a power bank if you prefer.

Xiaomi PMA therapeutic cushion

In case you are wondering, the regulation and control of the temperature it’s done in its dedicated mobile app. Finally, the Xiaomi PMA cushion is for sale on Youpin and, if we make the change, currently the cost in China is approximately $28 or €25. But beware that this price will rise when it becomes an exportation product.

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