Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Ultra light knee pads with internal heating

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand widely known around the world, not only for its incredible terminals but for the wonderful display of products that cover all kinds of needs that consumers could have, the Chinese company has brought the Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads, today we bring you a detailed review of these fabulous kneepads that have built-in heating, being ideal for winter or to practice high-impact sports.

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Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Packaging

As for the packing of the knee pads, it is a box of simple and compact appearance, with dimensions of 5cm x 1cm x 1cm, only weighs about 300 grams, which means that it is a light package, easy to dispatch, therefore, the shipment of the product should not have a high cost, but everything will depend on the destination and the agency you want to use for it. Inside the box we will find:

  • 2x Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Design

Our Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, knows perfectly how to present products dedicated to lifestyle, from footwear, gloves and all kinds of clothing, these products have great quality and magnificent appearance too, therefore the function and quality of the Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads are guaranteed.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Design

Now, it is time to know in depth about the materials that were used to make these kneepads, which is a mixture of high strength materials, such as graphene that provides comfort to the user at all times.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Design

Xiaomi decided to make knee pads with an ultra-thin and elastic design to be widely used by almost any user, with dimensions of 54 cm x 32 cm and a weight of 138 grams, which makes them compact and light, without presenting any discomfort at the time of being used. The only disadvantage is that they are available exclusively in white.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Design

The button that can be seen in the upper part of the bracket, has the function of activating the heating and adjust it as the circumstance warrants.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Design

In the inner part that is just below the button, there is a frame built in the shape of a honeycomb, so that the heat can be distributed evenly and not concentrated in one place, but not only fulfills this function but that also its design serves to keep their form when they are washed. The knee pad closures are made of Velcro for a comfortable and secure fit.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Function

The Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads provide all the comfort that a pair of common knee pads offers, but with a big difference, thanks to the fact that it has a heating system, which can go from a high temperature of 63 °C to 67 °C, passing through an average temperature of 52 °C to 56 °C, up to a low temperature of 41 °C to 45 °C, with the function of being able to relieve some pain or discomfort that the knee can suffer when practicing some exercise or simply It can be an ideal ally for users of more advanced age.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Function

The knee pads provide all the necessary support so that the knee can have adequate rest, these can be used mostly by athletes at the time of training to avoid any possible injury or by elderly users to relieve the pain produced by arthritis that is most often seen in users of these ages. In addition, they can also be used by people who have suffered a recent injury, as it will provide relief when walking, thanks to the extra support it represents.

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Specification table

Basic information
Kind: Kneepads
Material: Nylon, velcro, graphene
Dimensions and weight
Product size 54 cm x 32 cm
Product weight: 138 grams
Package content
Package size 5cm x 1cm x 1cm
Package weight: 300 grams
Includes: 2x Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads

Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads: Availability and price

If we have managed to get your attention and now you wonder, where can I buy these wonderful knee pads from Xiaomi PMA? Here we have the answer. The Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads are now available from the Gearbest and AliExpress online store at a price of $35.13 (€30.83). Then, we will leave the link below to make your shopping experience much faster and easier.

Buy Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads on Gearbest

Buy Xiaomi PMA Knee Pads on Aliexpress

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