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If you are health-conscious and want to know if the air of your home in which you breathe is alright, the Xiaomi PM2.5 air quality detector is the right product for you. The smart product is designed to make your home smarter. And, if you already have a Xioami air purifier, you must have this detector also. We are going to help you by describing the features and giving you the Xiaomi PM2.5 detector review to help you decide whether it’s worthy to buy or not.

What is PM2.5 and Why Should You Care?

In case you don’t know about the PM2.5, we will tell you what it is and why it is significant.

PM2.5 refers to atmospheric Particulate Matter which are very tiny in size and float in the air. These micro particles are created from power plants, residential wood burning, forest fires, motor vehicles, airplanes, volcanic eruptions and dust storms etc.

Being so small and light, these fine particles stay longer time than the heavier particles in the air. Inhaling these with air may cause many lung and heart diseases like asthma, bronchitis, heart attack, and other respiratory problems which may further lead to cancer.

Therefore, the amount of PM2.5 in the air is significant and should be monitored. That’s where the Xiaomi PM2.5 detector comes to help you detecting the PM2.5 of the air. And, if the rate of this particle is high, it should be controlled by purifying the air and taking other steps.

Xiaomi JCY01ZM PM2.5 Detector Review

For you we’re going to conduct a deep review of this Xiaomi product to tell you how good this product really is.

The product comes in a small box which contains Xiaomi PM2.5 detector and a manual written in Chinese.

Design and Display

The smart air monitor is designed in a way so that it can be linked with Xiaomi air purifier, but it can also be used independently as well as via smart app.

The design and outer look of the detector is simple and classic. The white casing, single button and the black OLED screen makes the PM2.5 detector elegant. OLED display works without a backlight as it emits visible light. So, unlike LCD screen, it has no need to rely on the back of the light source which makes the response time faster.   With the color change of the indicator light it is coupled which allows you to feel the air quality changes visually.

The device looks like a small alarm clock with more significance. It is made of high quality ABS material which makes it more durable, tough and rigid. Its compact body is built based on industrial-grade standards.

High Precision Laser sensors

Xiaomi PM2.5 detector has high precision laser sensor which can accurately monitor the micro world and detect the particulates with the least diameter of 0.3 microns.

The air goes inside by the ventilator of the backside of the detector and the sensors monitor the quality from the air.

Portable and Compact

For being small in size and lightweight, you can put the Mi detector in your pocket and carry it anywhere. Because of its compactness and portability, you can use the PM2.5 anytime anywhere.

You can put the detector in the car to know about the quality of air inside the car. Put it outside to monitor the outside air quality if it’s the right healthy time to do exercises.

The PM2.5 detector is powered by a 750mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery which can work for 2-3 hours consistently.

Smart Linkage with Air Purifier

This PM2.5 detector is the best companion for an air purifier. So, if you have already an air purifier, you should have this detector also. You can link the detector with the air purifier.

You can set a range of air pollution index. If the pollution exceeds the range, the air purifier will be turned on remotely for automatic air purification. The air purifier also can read the data of Xiaomi PM2.5 detector as a reference to carry out air purification more accurately.

In the morning, even if you are sleeping, PM2.5 detector has already turned on the air purifier to improve your breathing air. After the purification of all day long, when the air quality of your house is good enough, the PM2.5 detector would turn off the air purifier. In this way, you don’t have to control the air purifier explicitly. It will be done by the detector implicitly.

Linkage with the App

Xiaomi’s air quality app makes the product more flexible and stand out. You can connect it through Wi-Fi. You can access the data you want to see via the app. You can also choose the most important details you want to be displayed on the screen of the device itself for some moment.

The data collected through the detector is saved in the app. So, you can check the history and always know how the air quality has changed over time and if improvements are made by air purifier.

Through the Wi-Fi connection you can check the collected data from anywhere in your home, office or in the neighborhood.

One Key for All Operations

A few years back, measuring air quality used to be a complex task which was done by big and complicated machines. But, now we have Mi PM2.5 detector. It is small and simplest appearance which matches with simplest operations. There is only one key at the top of the detector which is designed for all operations.

This single key can show the detected data, has multiple clock interfaces, can be switched to time mode which instantly turns to a small alarm clock.

The detector will reduce the screen brightness automatically at night for not to disturb your sleeping.


After the unboxing, you need to setup the Mi PM2.5 detector. This setup may require some minutes to finish at the first time.

Actually, whenever you just turn on the device, it will give you readings straight way. But to access the full functionality, you have connect the device to your Wi-Fi network.

You have to download the Xiaomi home app and add your device. Don’t worry if the device doesn’t appear in the list. Just change the region in the app settings. Once connected, you can see all the data related to air quality in your app and can also control the detector by the app.

What You Might Not Like

If you are expecting a lot of features in this small detector, your expectation might not stand out. The manual given in the box is in Chinese language. So you have to know the settings and setup from the internet. It’s not the cheapest. The detector doesn’t come with any charger. You have to charge its battery by some other USB charger.

Summing up

We think that you now know the significance of measuring the air quality of your surroundings. And, for an air purifier and especially for its automation purpose, this detector is the perfect tool for you. Xiaomi has its reputation for manufacturing the quality tech products. The final decision is as always yours. We tried to help you in the buying decision by giving the Xiaomi PM2.5 detector review. If the features and quality can convince you, you should definitely buy the air detector.


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